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What's Inside Travel Consultant Yessa Yu Caparas' Closet?

Plus, her list of best shops to explore when in Spain, Amsterdam, and Japan.
A travel consultant and indoor cycling instructor at Electric Studio, Yessa Yu-Caparas' wardrobe is equal parts elegant and cheeky.Regular activities: Indoor cycling, traveling, cooking, and drinking wine at homeIMAGE JL JavierEarliest fashion memory? "Wearing platform sneakers inspired by the Spice Girls."Describe your

LOTD: Here's a Perfect Example of Why Trousers Are SO Not Boring

Think again!
If you tend to associate trousers with anything work-related (and therefore stuffy, restricting, boring...), Yessa Yu is politely asking you to please hold your horses. Don't jump to any conclusions just yet, because her particular pair is ready to change your mind!Now,

WATCH: The Best Dressed Girl's Best Kept Secret

This year’s roster of Best Dressed Girls dish on what it means to be “best dressed.”
Having a wardrobe with racks filled with pieces from Haider Ackermann, The Row, and Victoria Beckham and a shoe closet bursting with the Numeroventunos, Aperlaïs and Manolos might land you a spot on any magazine’s best dressed list. But for those who

#PreviewBestDressed: Yessa Yu

Here's why she stopped being a trend follower.
Yessa Yu-Caparas' (yep, she recently tied the knot!) style is like a needle in a black and white minimalist hay stack. Her effortlessness to looking different, quirky, and undeniably cool screams #ImAPreviewGirl without her even trying. Below, she shares how she developed

FASHION EDITORIAL: Yessa Yu in Man-Repelling Layers

How covering up can attract men.
Often times the kooky, fashion-obsessed girl who loves to bundle up in ovoid layers and chunky Chanel clogs is the one that boys tend to find a little too eccentric for their taste. Sure, she’s got a great eye for style but