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Maxene Magalona Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

The actress shared to Preview how she switched to a healthier lifestyle and how she deals with unsolicited remarks about her body.
We expect very specific things when reading about someone's weight loss. On top of the list is, of course, how they did it—what they did and didn't eat, their workout routine, and how long it took for them to lose X number

BLACKPINK Dishes on Their Diets and Go-To Workouts

The girls got real on what it really takes to stay in shape.
All eyes are on BLACKPINK these days, especially after they killed it at their first full-length public concert in the US: Coachella 2019. The quartet has been spending a lot of time in California, where they kicked off their North American tour.

10 Makeup Products That Won't Melt Off While You Exercise

They won't budge even while you're doing squats!
It's 2019 and that means women (and men!) can wear makeup wherever they want, whenever they want. Case in point: It's even okay to wear makeup to the gym/while you exercise—as long as you feel great, it's great! If you're still on

Here's Brie Larson's Complete "Captain Marvel" Workout

She even pushed a jeep as part of her routine.
It's finally March 2019 and we're about to be #blessed with Marvel's first female superhero movie: Captain Marvel AKA the woman we're all dressing up as this Halloween. Oscar winner Brie Larson will portray Carol Danvers, and she's put in a lot

Here's Why Hiking Has Become the New Yoga

Even experts agree it's a powerful cardio workout.
Without a doubt, hiking is having its moment. While it has always been a known sport, the activity has been attracting the attention of new fans lately, the way yoga has been doing for years. Before you embark on a journey to

8 Workout-Friendly Products That Won't Melt Off Your Skin

Work on that gym face!
The gym (or any workout venue of your choice) isn't the best place to have a full face of makeup on, but we totally understand if your prefer not to be completely barefaced either. Whether you have a blemish you don't want

7 Low-Impact Exercises That Will Make Losing Weight Quick and Fun

These will rid you of the weight you've been meaning to lose.
We might have reached mid-February, but some of us are still struggling to keep those New Year's resolutions alive. If your fitness goal is to lose a few pounds in the quickest and most fun way possible, consider these low impact exercises

Here's a Proper Post-Workout Skincare Routine to Avoid Acne

Your skin naturally detoxifies when it sweats. Why not help it along?
After you give your body the physical activity it craves, you should not forget to give your skin a bit of loving, too. A quick shower doesn't really cut it, so while you don't need to do something as extensive as your

Review: This Intense Slow Workout Gave Me Abs After Two Months

It's the calorie-burner of choice for models like Kelsey Merritt and Jessica Yang.
We're now at the final stretch of the year, and if you ask us, this is the perfect time to start your workout routine. Because way before the holiday feasting and unnecessary weight gain begins, you can build a buffer of a

5 Beginner Workout Plans to Try this Summer

Easy tips from these Preview girls!
If you're looking to start a new workout routine to get your body summer ready but know where to start, then you've come to the right place. These Preview girls have a short guide on which routine you should adopt to get

Here's How Kelsey Merritt Trains Like a Victoria's Secret Angel

She looks so toned!
Kelsey Merritt is on her way to becoming a top international model. Given her stints with Maybelline, Rimmel London, ASOS, and La Senza, we wouldn't be surprised if she became a regular on Fashion Week runways someday. Being a model, however, is no

5 Things You Can Do for a Smaller, Leaner Waist

Bikini season is just around the corner.
If you haven't been outside, then let us be the ones to break it to you—the summer season will soon be upon us. And when the temperatures rise, so do the number of out of town beach excursions (not to mention the

6 Clothing Hacks to Help You Stay Motivated to Work Out

Stay on the active path!
When you’re trying to lose weight, you need to give it all you’ve got—by eating right and by doing moderate to high-intensity workouts. We're all well aware that it’s hard to stay on track, but did you know that clothes can also

Laureen Uy Shares the Secret to Her Flat Tummy

It's all about the abs!
With 2018 ushering in a new mindset, it's time for new goals to work for. Now, if being fit and staying physically active is on this year's to-do list, check out Laureen Uy's ab workout. Not only can you do this anywhere