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What Is a Face Workout and Why Do You Need One?

Even Victoria's Secret model Kelsey Merritt has jumped in on the trend!
It's not just our body that needs a workout. FaceGym founder Inge Theron believes your face does, too! In fact, even Victoria's Secret model Kelsey Merritt has recently jumped in on the trend!So what is a face workout exactly? As Kelsey captions

Review: I Tried the Plana FORMA Workout and Made It Out Alive

Confession: I hate exercising.
What: The Plana FORMA workoutWhat it is: Plana FORMA is a total-body workout that combines yoga, dance, pilates, and barre. It involves a ton of target-specific exercises that work on the abdominal, thigh, hips, and seat muscles while strengthening the back and

How to Continue Burning Fat After a Workout

Even when you’re in bed!
Ladies, what if we tell you that there is a way to continue burning fat even after you work out? Losing weight even while you’re just watching your favorite series on your couch? Believe it. The answer is High Intensity Interval Training,

Lindsay Lohan Does "erotic Yoga" To Keep Fit

Lindsay Lohan Does "Erotic Yoga" To Keep Fit
Lindsay Lohan does "erotic yoga" to keep fit. The "Mean Girls" star enjoys practising S Factor—an exercise class which combines pole dancing with pilates and yoga—as the "sensual" movements help her maintain her figure while building her confidence. She told Into The Gloss, "Everyone