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These OOTDs Will Inspire You to Wear Colored Blazers to Work

Upgrade your office looks!
Dressing professionally for work doesn't always have to look stiff. Here, we show you ways to incorporate a colored blazer into your office OOTDs: Doing so will make the color of your blazer pop, too! You can complement the feminine hue with a dainty midi pleated skirt: If the dress code

These Stylish Ladies Are This Week's Work Wear Inspo

Office outfits are soooo not boring.
We've declared this time and time again: workwear is not boring. Think of it as a way to get really creative! After all, nothing challenges the true-blue fashion girl more than dress code restrictions. We spent a day with some of the chic

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Wardrobe

Stand out without having to break the dress code.
News flash, ladies: your work wardrobe doesn't have to boring. You can still look stylish even with a strict dress code in the office. Swing with the latest in fashion with these pieces that you can replace your staple attires with. Scroll

Work Wear Diaries: Dr. Aivee Aguilar-teo

The metro's best dressed doctor is now in.
There is nothing glamorous about a doctor’s job, let alone the journey they embarked to get where they are. They’re practically on call round the clock and have to rush as quickly as possible each time they get an emergency call. But

10 Upgraded Workwear Basics You Need In Your Closet

Dress to climb the corporate ladder with these basics you ought to invest on.
If you’re part of the population who braves the daily 9 to 5 grind, we’re pretty sure you’ve askd yourself “what do I wear to work today?” Sometimes, even more than you actually realize. Seeing that we spend a huge chunk of

Work Wear Diaries: Michelle Fontelera

We take a peek at the closet of the hip mom behind Zen Zest scents.
She started experimenting with scent formulations in, well, her kitchen when she was just 23 years old; now Zen Zest has more than a hundred outlets in major malls nationwide. We think that makes up a true success story.Michelle Fontelera, founder and

Work Wear Diaries: Congressional Spouses

Style Bible turns the spotlight on the spouses of the members of our House of Representatives.
Most politicians keep a high profile and are almost always in the public eye; however, on numerous occasions we also take notice of their better halves. So today, we’re turning the spotlight on the wives of some of our Congressmen.Not known to