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Wonder Woman's Hidden Sword Is Now an Instagram Trend

The imitations are hilarious.
We all want to be Wonder Woman and/or Gal Gadot (who apparently didn't earn as much as we thought from the film!), but the fans over on Instagram have taken the hashtag #lifepeg a notch further. Wanna know what we mean? Here's

These Two Actresses Were Supposed to Play Wonder Woman

Check out the other two contenders.
If the question "Who's the Next Darna?" was one of local showbiz's toughest guessing games this year, the screen tests for Wonder Woman back in 2013 were as cutthroat as, for a lack of much finer examples, the final cut of a

8 Spoiler-Free Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is Worth the Hype

For one, it's REALLY GOOD.
I remember watching the Wonder Woman trailer for the first time and thinking, "This movie looks amazing!" But before jumping on the hype train real quick, I had a lot of reservations. First off, all the DC movies in this new timeline,