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5 Stylish Winter OOTDs We Spotted on Elisse Joson at Copenhagen, Denmark

The actress shared her chic travel outfits while filming a new movie in Denmark!
There's been no shortage of bikini-clad celebrities on Instagram thanks to our stylish celebs who've been spending some time under the sun and vacationing at the beach. But in case you're looking for fashion inspo from the other side of the world

Here's How the Celebrities Dress Up for a Glam Ski Vacation

Take cues and look great against all that pristine white snow!
We blame our current après-ski obsession on the #ChanelinAspen hashtag, plus the horde of stylish stars who headed to the likes of snowy Niseko and spent their holidays luxuriating on the slopes. If you're planning a glam jaunt to a winter wonderland

10 Things to Remember Before Spending Winter in South Korea

Planning a trip to the land of K-drama for the holidays?
There are a lot of reasons why South Korea’s winter season is a tourist’s dream come true. It’s a sight to behold with everything covered in a thick blanket of white snow (just like in K-dramas!)—it will certainly draw you in. Who wouldn’t

How to Deal With Below-Freezing Weather in Style

For those negative-degree vacations.
Winter is NO JOKE (yes, all caps completely intentional). It's a fact most tropical dwellers like us aren't quite aware of—while packing for a first-time trip to somewhere snowy, we dupe ourselves into thinking that the cute outfits we've planned have enough

A Fashion Girl’s Shopping Guide to A Cold Weather Wardrobe

No need for the cold to bother you.
For those who have braved the cold—make that freezing—weather during their travels, you all know how challenging it is to put together a wardrobe that will keep you warm without looking grandma-sweater cozy. We feel you, and we’re here to help! Here’s

20 Coats to Keep You Warm on Your Next Cold Vacation

Keep warm and cozy.
Heading somewhere cold for the holidays? Invest in stylish and quality outerwear that will help you conserve body heat while leaving you looking fashionable. In places where it's not wise (or logical) to show off your OOTDs, your coats should do the

The It Girls Are Making Us Want to Fly to Niseko, Japan

Welcome to a real-life winter wonderland!
Just as our Manila summer is beginning to heat up, the It Girls are cooling down in a major way—and we mean literally. They've been giving us a seriously envy-inducing case of negative-degree feels with their Niseko, Japan vacay snaps! Consider this

LOTD: Here's How Dominique Cojuangco Manages to Look Cool While Staying Warm

Sun meets snow.
Just because you're spending the holiday months somewhere freezing doesn't mean you should skimp on sun protection. Dominique Cojuangco, who's currently in London, is clearly a voice of authority on the matter.IMAGE jet-setting fashion student pairs a toasty all-black ensemble (that

How To Dress Like A Babe In The Winter

Traveling to beat the heat? Here's the Style Bible advisory for looking cute in the cold.
Via @michelleeloiseOn your next trip somewhere colder than Manila, please do not borrow the padded nylon windbreaker your mountaineering cousin takes with her to Sagada, or layer multiple acrylic-knit sweaters, rotating them daily for a new “outfit” everyday, don’t even think about

How To Maintain Your Wardrobe Throughout The Year

This cheat sheet will have you pencil marking sale dates before they are even announced.
Unlike those who live in countries experiencing colder climates, having to switch up our wardrobes doesn’t come as hard for us here in the Philippines. You see, we pretty much get to stick to the same clothes all year round. But with