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15 New and Easy Ways to Wear White Sneakers

Because they're never going out of style.
From the '90s Converse craze to the rise of the Adidas Stan Smith, one thing's for sure: white sneakers have been an outfit staple for a long while and they're arguably here to stay for a whole lot longer. Everyone's go-to default

5 Non-Sporty Ways to Wear Your White Sneakers

Time to update your basic white sneaks.
The white sneaker is a closet staple that will never go out of style because you can wear it with just about anything. However, when it comes to trainers or chunkier options, we tend to reach for a sporty ensemble as our

How to Get 60% Off on White Sneakers at the Nike Factory Store

There's no such thing as having too many white sneakers!
We might not all be heading out of Manila and into snowy settings this holiday season, but there’s still a way to make this Christmas a white one—and by that, we mean going sneaker shopping at Nike Factory Store’s White Christmas Sale! Drop by

5 Sneakers We Caught Celebrities Wearing on Instagram

Going sneaker shopping? Add these to your cart.
It's no secret that some of our favorite Filipina celebrities also have an unrivaled sense of style when it comes to their kicks. When they're off-duty, these ladies are copping shoes that show off their unique style. But we're not talking about

15 New White Sneakers to Add to Your Growing Collection

Even classics need an update.
White sneakers are closet staples every fashion girl should have. They're obviously not that hard to love; they look clean, crisp, and are easy to style. But in a sea of white kicks, just where do you start looking for the trendiest

Nike Just Dropped 5 All-White Leather Sneakers

And they're made to empower female athletes.
When in doubt, we always pick a pair from our growing collection of sneakers. But there's always one from the bunch that has been on regular rotation—the reliable pair of white sneakers. So if you've fallen into the trap of wearing the

4 of the World’s Most Iconic Ladies Shoes

These pairs have stood the test of time.
They say the shoe maketh the man, but let's tweak that from a fashion girl's point of view: the shoe maketh the outfit. Throughout history, humanity has been blessed with hundreds of classic soles, but there are four in particular that have

5 Trends That Are Now Considered Closet Staples

They’re the new classics.
Trends come and go but once in a while there are certain pieces that transcend from a fad to a fundamental. This happens when a piece is easily and immediately adapted by many and supported by a lot of brands and retailers.

3 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Sneakers

Customize your plain white sneakers!
In a sea of white sneakers, it’s easy to slip into the mundane instead of letting your shoes be the pristine accent piece to your outfit. But fret not! You don’t need to let go of the trend just yet. You only

WATCH: How to Keep Your White Sneakers White

Tips straight from a certified sneakerhead.
You can’t call yourself a sneakerhead if you can last for months seeing your kicks all dirty and smelly. More so, if we’re talking about your precious white kicks. While there’s nothing we can do about what pavement we walk on, keeping

The All-White adidas Stan Smith Is Love

Now you can have a white Christmas!
Call your mom, dad, boyfriend—anyone who cares about you! Because if you haven’t thought of what you want to receive this Christmas yet, well, we now have the answer for you. Just a few days shy of Christmas Eve, adidas dropped the

10 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of White Sneakers in Your Life

It's a fashion girl's staple.
We all have  our preferred style of footwear, but there’s no way you can survive without a perennial pair of white sneakers. Here, we list down the reasons why it's a certified fashion girl staple: 1. You can wear them with absolutely anything.2.

5 Stylish Dudes and Their White Kicks

Your white sneakers can reveal a ton of things about you.
If sneakers could speak, what would yours say about you? If you think your spotlessly clean, crisp white sneakers suggest that you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep it plain and simple, well, you’re obviously downplaying it. Because deep inside,

How Supermodels Wear White Kicks

From fresh and clean to worn-out and ratty.
You’re probably well-aware of our obsession with white sneaks by now. To us, they’re like the basic crew neck and the crisp white button-down—it's the H2O of the sneaker universe. Everyone from magazine editors to pop stars wear them and pair them with

5 Celebs Who Rocked White Sneakers This Week

Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis and more.
Below, the stylish stars who made it to our Top Celebrity OOTDs of the week:GEORGINA WILSONGeorgina Wilson's stylish NYC adventure is not over just yet. We spotted her in Manhattan looking like a member of #TeamCozy in her chic black trench and

The Pursuit Of Happiness, On Instagram

A college girl resisted the medium - till now.
DIY Emoji Balloons from Studio DIYInstagram wasn’t something I really associated with the word happiness. That isn’t to say the countless people posing fiercely for OOTDs or feigning a pensive stare for selfies aren’t happy inside–it just wasn’t my brand of happiness.

19 Dreamy White Sneakers

Help yourself into some of the best white sneaks in town.
This time last year, I couldn’t get enough of the color orange. A year has passed and now, I'm drawn to anything and everything white! No matter where I look, no matter where I go, and no matter the occasion, it seems like