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Would You Buy These Sunglasses That Double as Hoop Earrings?

We love a multitasker, no doubt about it: satin slips that double as sultry going-out dresses, all-purpose silk scarves, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combos. But, the question stands: would you wear this glasses-and-hoop-earrings hybrid from online retailer ASOS?IMAGE ASOS.comInteresting. Here's what they

Prada Is Selling a Paperclip for US$185

No, seriously.
If you've got extra cash to spend on office supplies, Prada's got your back. Introducing the luxury label's sterling silver paperclip-shaped money holder, which retails at Barneys New York for $185!IMAGE Barneys New YorkIMAGE Barneys New YorkThe latest in fashion's disconcertingly recent

Would You Try Wearing Opening Ceremony's Detachable Jeans?

Odd denim trend #2398492.
Barely halfway through 2017 and this year's already seen its (un)fair share of mind-boggling fashion trends. Remember when Maison Margiela came out with destroyed sneakers? Or when Coachella tried to make half-jeans a thing? In case those weren't quite enough, Opening Ceremony

Maison Margiela Is Retailing This Destroyed Sneaker for $1425

And the internet BLEW UP.
In case you needed yet another oddball fashion #lewk to pair with your half jeans and zipper-butt denims, Maison Margiela has got juuust the thing: their Future Destroyed High-Top Sneaker should satisfy your cray craving!IMAGE Neiman MarcusOn the Neiman Marcus website, where

These Totally See-Through Plastic Pants Are Going Viral on Social Media

Imagine the sweat, though...
Most things in life aren't clear, but these pants sure are an exception. The internet is going berserk over high street favorite Topshop's latest outre offering—a pair of totally see-through plastic "jeans."IMAGE TopshopIMAGE TopshopNote our use of quotation marks, because aren't jeans supposed