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Denise Laurel Says "Let's Celebrate Growth" After Gaining 30 Pounds

She says she's ready to "reinvent" herself.
Denise Laurel is embracing the new body she has right now. She gloats, "Don't just Celebrate the Highs LETS CELEBRATE them thick thighs!!!! JOKE!!!"She jokes some more in her Instagram caption dated November 3, 2020: "Let's celebrate GROWTh even if it is

Here's a Cool Way to Style a Dress That's Become Too Small

'Cause gaining inches around your midsection is a normal thing, girls.
Whether it's post-baby weight or simply time (and a much slower metabolism) altering your body, gaining pounds is a normal thing everyone has to deal with. It shouldn't cramp your style, though! Here's a super neat styling trick from Chriselle Lim on

How to Lose Weight When You're Busy at Work

Yes, it's possible!
It’s not easy to shed off pounds when you have a full-time desk job. A regular eight-hour shift totals to 40 hours of being in your chair a week, and according to WebMD, this can already be considered as “sitting sickness,” a

Eating Fruits is the Secret to Weight Loss

Flavonoids are friends.
Eating more fruits prevents people from gaining weight, even if that means consuming more calories (they're healthy calories anyway). That's according to the scientists of Harvard School of Public Health, whose research was recently published in the British Medical Journal.It's all got to

11 Things Only People Trying to Lose Weight Know to Be True

Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.
As much as we want to lose the extra weight, sometimes we just don't have enough will power. Seriously, how can you say no to a slice of pizza that's oozing with cheese, right? Here, we list down some of the struggles

9 Things Every Girl Who Has Gained Weight Knows to Be True

Most of your clothes don't fit anymore.
Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s, there’s no escaping a bit of weight gain once in a while. When that happens, people notice, tease you, and even joke about you having to go to the gym. If you feel like you’ve gained a