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8 Stylish Pairs of Wedge Heels You Can Shop Right Now

Yep, they're back and cuter than ever.
Maybe, in your secret heart of hearts, you've always harbored a liking for the wedge heel. You might have kept it quiet for a long while, instead gravitating towards whatever trendy stilt the fashion set deemed au courant at the moment. Now it's

11 Trends From 2000s That Are Cool Again In 2019

Which past trends are you loving again?
The early 2000s is full of nostalgic fashion trends that can be a fount of current style inspos now. With fashion's cyclical pattern, your OOTDs then are now worth more than just throwback Insta-posts. What were once cringe-worthy pieces you wore, have now

Are Wedge Heels Really Back in Style?

Our answer's a resounding YES!
Fear not the chunky, early 2000s connotations of this reemerging ol' trooper. The wedge heel has never really been associated with the sexy allure of stilettos or the kitten heel's coquettish charm, but it has zero problem with that: It's 2018, it's

20 Pairs of Wedge-Heeled Espadrilles to Strut In This Summer

The tired old wedge gets a sweet, sunny update.
As you probably already know, there's nothing we love more than serving you a lightning-quick piece of fashion history before every shopping list (stylish girls are never too cool for school), so here's your lesson for the day: turn your textbooks to

What Your Pumps Say About You

Your choice of steppers means a lot more than you think!
Last time we told you what your lipstick says about your personality. By now you should already know where we stand when we say that fashion is a means of self-expression. Even the simplest choices we make in our daily lives mean

Solestruck X Gold Dot

The shoe brand and site collab to launch Imelda13
Shoe addicts, fashionistas, or anyone in the know has heard about Solestruck and Gold Dot. Local brand Gold Dot proudly creates original Filipino-made statement shoes, while leading international retailer Solestruck carries various footwear brands and designers with unique aesthetics. The site first