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The Best Coordinators in Manila to Book for Your Wedding

Make your way down the aisle worry-free!
If you’re unlike the ladies in Bride Wars who’ve obsessed over their weddings their entire lives, planning a seamless, hassle-free wedding can seem like a daunting task all on your own. Don’t worry though, because you don’t have to feel your way

Here's Why It's Absolutely Important to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Because FYI, booking one is definitely not just an "unnecessary" expense!
We’ve all heard the stories of hopeful brides eventually turning into bridezillas as they fall further into the stress of planning their wedding. The pressure of making sure that everything goes perfectly doesn’t just end at the church doors. A lot can

This is What a Professional Wedding Planner's Wedding Looks Like

Have you ever wondered what happens when the tables turn?
Wedding planners are known for fearsome creativity and intense organization skills—so what happens when a professional sets out to plan her own grand nuptials? Siwar Bisharat, co-founder of luxury events design company Majeda Kassir Events, shows you exactly what it's like. Be prepared