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10 Best Designers to Get for Your Wedding Entourage's Outfits

Trust these designers to make your bridesmaids and groomsmen look their best.
Aside from dreaming up her own wedding gown, a bride’s work—especially one who’s very particular about the entire look and feel of her special day—practically encompasses endeavoring over the attire of everyone in attendance. That includes the wedding entourage, of course—from the

The Bridesmaids Wore: Charina Sarte

Charina Sarte gives us the lowdown on designing wedding entourage ensembles.
Filipina designer Charina Sarte only needs to up the ante a bit for her bridal creations as her pieces for her eponymous resort wear line are already luxe, tasteful, and covetable. Just a few more soft drapes of her trademark jersey and

The Bridesmaids Wore: Ronaldo Arnaldo

The fashion industry veteran talks about designing wedding entourage ensembles.
Fashion design veteran Ronaldo Arnaldo has had a hefty share of wedding work throughout his many years in the Philippine fashion industry. He has carved himself a nice niche in the field as a go-to wedding entourage designer who can turn into