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Where to Have a Wedding Cake Made in Manila

We’ve got the kind of cake suppliers whose visually sophisticated, yet heartwarmingly personal confections will have you saying “I Do” one more time.
Wedding bells are ringing, and so are all your mobile devices with notification after notification coming in from your bridesmaids asking you that well-meaning, yet surefire Bridezilla-inducing question: Where do we get the cake?With so many options presenting themselves left and right

7 Chic Wedding Cake Designs for Timeless Wedding Photos

The time has now come for evolved styles that are truly eye-catching.
There are many tasks in wedding planning that becomes a measurement for creativity. You can have the perfect theme, the perfect dress, or the perfect venue, but if that tower of moist, fluffy cake isn’t right, people are still going to remember

8 Best Wedding Cake Makers in Manila

These master cake bakers are classic go-tos for Filipina brides.
The wedding of your dreams wouldn't be complete without a beautiful cake. After all, it's one of the first things people see when they arrive at your reception.One of the oldest wedding traditions, the history of the wedding cake can be traced

This 18-Year-Old Heiress' Wedding Cost P85 Million

And the guests all dressed to impress.
Do you remember what you were doing when you were 18? Because I do, and I was most definitely NOT planning a wedding. But apparently that totally happens these days. Case in point: 18-year-old Russian heiress Irina Chigirinskaya, who got married to

Here's How Our Fashion Director Planned Her Pinterest-Worthy Wedding

Daryl Chang-Lotho shares the details of her 2016 nuptials.
It’s a shakedown of tradition and convention as our very own fashion director, Daryl Chang-Lotho , resets the familiar with her way of celebrating "I do." Here, Daryl reveals the details of her wedding last April 2016 in Cebu—from her dress, the

Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Wedding Cake

It will be an important part of your wedding ceremony.
Wedding cakes are vital to every couple's big day. It's considered as the reception's centerpiece and an important part of traditional ceremonies. But in choosing your wedding cake, brides need to consider a lot of things in terms of size, flavor, and