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Jun Ji Hyun Reportedly Bought An Entire Shopping Mall In Seoul Worth P2.1 Billion

This K-drama leading lady is also quite the real estate tycoon.
Jun Ji Hyun continues to put her hard-earned money into profitable investments! According to Biz Korea,  the highest-paid Korean actress recently bought a three-story shopping mall from Kookmin Bank.In 2019, the commercial building located in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, was built by real estate developer

Did You Know? These Jobs Have the Highest Salaries in the Philippines

According to JobStreet Philippines.
Nearly half of job offerings in the Philippines posted higher salaries to lure talents during the second year of the pandemic, employment tracker JobStreet Philippines said, as more companies ramp up hiring programs in 2022.Employers are paying more attention to the soft

Vice Ganda Reveals How He Saved Up Money During His Early Days

"Yumaman ako kasi nagsipag naman din ako. Nagtrabaho ako."
When we talk about today's most lustrous showbiz personalities, Vice Ganda's name definitely rises to the top. The 45-year-old has graced almost every stage and screen, selling out movie theaters and putting a smile on millions of Filipinos daily. It may be

7 Most Expensive Films and TV Shows Netflix Has Produced So Far

Can you believe a series can cost up to a whopping P26 billion?
There’s no ignoring Netflix’s stellar entrance into in-house productions. What used to be a streaming service is now a master at serving hit after hit with their own films and series. In the past few years, they’ve created amazing entertainment with A-list

These Are the10 Crazy Rich Hobbies of the World's Wealthiest

What do the super rich do in their spare time?
The rich and powerful aren't that different from the rest of us. They too have problems, and they too are human. Granted, they do have more interesting options for hobbies than most. Here, we list down the crazy rich hobbies of the