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10 Red Flags to Watch Out for During Your Waxing Salon Appointment

Always ensure a safe and hygienic waxing session!
Waxing entails pulling out your hair from its roots. This causes minor skin tears and opens up your follicles more. With this, your skin is more vulnerable in acquiring bacteria and you become more susceptible to infection, especially if your waxing place

6 Waxing Studios for Smooth, Hair-Free Legs

Are your legs summer-ready yet?
This season calls for a trip to the beach, which means it’s time to get your classic black maillots and yellow polka dot bikinis out of the closet—and given the sweltering summer heat, we reckon you’ll have more use for your denim

This Waxing Treatment Promises to Whiten Your Underarms

What’s new in hair removal?
To wax or not to wax?We try to avoid pain whenever we can. But when it comes to hair removal, letting out a loud “ouch!” can lead to promising results. But other than giving us smooth and hair-free skin, what else is