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10 Most Flattering Haircuts for Wavy Hair, As Seen on Celebrities

Bring out the beauty of your waves.
If you were born with gorgeous wavy hair, then consider yourself lucky! This hairstyle is definitely one that you'd want to keep and flaunt. Not only does it naturally have texture and bounce, but it also adds a touch of playfulness to your

The 4 Essential Products You Need in Your Curly Hair Care Routine

Right this way to healthier curls (or waves)!
If you’re anything like me and you’ve struggled with big, frizzy hair for almost all of your life, wondering why you weren’t just born with natural straight, silky, smooth hair like all those girls in the shampoo commercials, well I’ve got some

7 Times Yassi Pressman Flaunted Her Gorgeous Natural Curls

She'll inspire you to embrace your own natural curls!
Yassi Pressman occasionally shows off her beautiful, natural curls, and we're all for it. It's refreshing to see a celeb flaunt her natural hair texture—we get inspired to wear ours with pride.If you have curly or wavy hair, you'll love how Yassi

5 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair without Heat

Ever heard of the "sock method"?
Whether it's for a quick beach getaway, a video meeting, or even a DIY photoshoot, you can't go wrong with giving your hair an even set of waves. That said, curling your hair can take a lot of time (especially if you’re

Here's How You Can Make Your Digital Perm Last Longer

Keep those bouncy waves for as long as possible!
With masks constantly on and makeup out of the way, it's normal to want a little extra something for your look. In my case, I've become tired of my slick straight hair, but I'm also too lazy to devote an extra hour

7 Tips to Achieving Luscious Wavy Hair

Take those frizzy coils and turn them into luscious waves.
In a culture where long, straight black hair is valued, those born with naturally wavy hair have always found themselves in a conundrum: Their locks aren’t as straight or as sleek as those shampoo commercial models'. But today, more and more girls

This Seems to Be the Hair Trend Celebs Are Loving Right Now

It suits everyone!
"Glass hair" may be the haircut everyone's talking about right now, but have you noticed there's another, more low-key 'do that celebs seem to favor, too? Whenever we scroll through our IG feeds, we see so many famous faces donning wavy or

LOTD: This is Kim Jones' Secret to Effortless Beach Waves

Cop this luxe and airy look ASAP!
Kim Jones' swoon-worthy outfits are always worth a mention, but this time, we're looking at her with our beauty girl goggles. We talked to her hairstylist Mycke Arcano about how the stylish girl boss likes her curls, and below, he gave us

3 Ways to Style Naturally Curly Hair

Rock those waves!
With naturally curly hair, the need for styling is minimal. But if your comb-and-go routine for your wavy locks is starting to bore you, below are ways that you can show off your hair and change up your look according to professional

Midweek Celebrity #selfie: Big Hair, Don't Care

Check out if your idols made it to this week's roundup of breathtaking selfies.
Big hair, don’t care. Landing on our weekly list of best #selfies are celebrities Georgina Wilson, Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador and more donning big volumes and wavy tresses. Read on to find out how they’re sporting the vampy locks and how you,

13 Shampoos For Every Hair Type

Thanks to these on target shampoos, good hair days are finally here to stay.
We’ve been using shampoos since we were babies; it’s as basic as drinking water or putting on your underwear.  So, it’s necessary to get introduced to the bubble-makers that will make your mane satiny soft, and lustrous as it grows, and of