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This Is How Much Water You Should Actually Drink in a Day

Nope, it's not eight glasses.
Everyone knows how important it is to hydrate. Seriously, we've been told that drinking water is almost the solution to everything. (We're looking at you, genetically-gifted supermodels that attribute it all to good 'ol H2O.) But, we all have to forget drinking

8 Designer Tumblers and Bottle Holders You Can Drink From in Style

Stay hydrated.
As Mimiyuuuh's sage, sage advice goes: "Drink your water, b*tch." These uncertain times, plagued with widespread sickness and supply hoarders, are all the more reason for you to be smart about staying hydrated! To that end, quench your (literal) #thirst in style via

10 Practical Ways to Conserve Water

Spread the word and save the world!
With nationwide water interruptions troubling the country (sadly, it might carry on throughout the summer), it's best to do our part and be mindful of the ways we use up our water. In light of this dreaded water shortage, here are a few

5 Mobile Apps That Will Help Remind You to Drink Water

Keep yourself hydrated and your skin happy!
If there's anything you shouldn't take for granted in life, it's water. Consuming the right amount of this invaluable natural resource can actually help in acheiving that dream bod and healthy skin you've always wanted. In fact, waking up with moisturized skin,

4 Local Destinations for Water Sports Enthusiasts

Experience adventure like never before!
Don't let the rainy weather dampen your sunny spirit! Blessed with a beautiful archipelago, our tropical country assures you can enjoy endless summer all year round. So if you're itching for a water adventure to get away from the city grind, here

What Is Hydrogen Water and Why Are Celebrities Drinking It?

Could it be the new lemon water?
To our surprise, the new wellness trend celebs are currently loving has little to do with food and exercise. It actually involves one of the most basic health tricks in the world—drinking water. But don't worry, this isn't another article about lemon

The World's Most Expensive Bottles of Water

Try not to break a sweat over these.
One of the first things that kids learn in science class is that water is locked up in a cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. When water from the surface of the planet is heated by the sun, it rises to the

Drinking 8 Glasses of Water a Day for Great Skin Is a Lie

Dr. Howard Murad debunks conventional beauty wisdom.
There are two kinds of doctors. One scribbles prescriptions and may say little else. The other spends a good chunk of time talking about healthy alternatives because he does not wish you to rely on drugs alone. Dr. Howard Murad is the