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Here Are Free VSCO Presets for Your Best Instagram Feed Yet

Let your aesthetic feed dreams come true!
New year, new feed. Whether you’re looking to finally tidy up the random photos on your Instagram feed or seeking to switch things up when it comes to your social media aesthetic, VSCO remains to be one of the best ways to

8 of the Most Popular Photo Editing Apps to Download

Up your Instagram game with any of these photo editing apps.
Gone are the days when we used to edit our Instagram photos with the in-app editor. With users no longer content with simple edits and clunky interfaces, the competition has been set high for high-powered and advance mobile apps that allow you

What Is A VSCO Girl, And Are You One?

Birkenstocks? Check. Hydro Flask? Check.
Let's get straight to the point: What is a VSCO girl? I first heard about it during my vacation in the US, and I thought that maybe this Instagram movement was exclusive there. But when I got back to Manila, I saw some who

10 Photo Editing Apps for Achieving an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

They're all free!
In the rampant age of social media, our Instagram profiles are quickly doubling as a possible first or second impression. The result? More and more people are obsessing over creating perfectly curated Instagram feeds that aptly project versions of themselves they’d like

The VSCO Guide: 7 Filters for Flawless Selfies

Hacks for the ultimate selfie queen.
Instagram can be unforgiving when it comes to photo editing. Sure, nothing beats a no-filter post but in this day and age, what’s a post without a little visual enhancement? And with all the editing apps in the app store, all you

3 IG Filter Hacks from Some of Our Favorite Insta-Girls

Know what to (-) or (+) on VSCO and Snapseed.
On the search for the perfect formula for a flawless Instagram feed? We asked four of our favorite instagirls to spill their #feedgoals-worthy secrets. For a minimalist black-and-white feedNika Higashionna (@nikahigashionna)Sample flatlay:Sample OOTD:The Cheat SheetApp: VSCOFilter: SE3Exposure: +1Contrast: +2Sharpen: +2Saturation -2For girls who

6 Photo-Editing Apps for Better OOTDs and Selfies

Download these, stat!
If you’re a self-confessed instahoe like most of us, then editing OOTDs and selfies could sometimes (or always) feel like a full-time job. It’s hard enough to get that angle right and to find the perfect lighting, but nothing beats the difficulty

How to Edit Your Pics Like on VSCO, Without Using VSCO

It's time to make use of Instagram's editing features!
Real girl problem: curating a good-looking IG feed. It’s an everyday occurrence; and not unless you’re a professional blogger/photographer/graphic artist, then coming up with cool pics could sometimes be a major struggle. The answer to this 911 call would always be VSCO