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Taiwan Is Extending Visa-Free Stays for Pinoys Until 2022

Assuming, of course, that we can travel again next year.
International travel is still taking a back seat for another year as the pandemic rages on in the country. But we're manifesting a travel-filled 2022, especially as Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the country is extending visa-free entry for Philippine

Visa-Free Morocco Has Officially Reopened to Filipino Tourists

Here's everything you need to know if you're planning to book a flight.
Morocco, a North African country facing the Atlantic Ocean, seems to be a place right out of a fairy tale: It is famous for having houses and buildings painted with an ancient blue dye, historic Roman ruins, and golden-stoned fortresses. Morocco imposed

Filipinos Can Now Visit Russia with an E-Visa

Is St. Petersburg on your bucket list?
Good news for future travel plans. It will be easier for Filipinos to visit Russia from 2021, as the Philippines was among 52 countries whose citizens will be allowed to participate in a pilot e-visa project, Moscow's mission in Manila said on

U.S. Embassy Cancels All Visa Interviews Until May 31

This is due to the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine until May 15.
President Rodrigo Duterte announced last Friday, April 24, that the Enhanced Community Quarantine will be extended until May 15 throughout the National Capital Region, and particular areas in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In light of this, the US Embassy in Manila has

Japan Suspends Visas Issued in the Philippines Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Starting this Saturday, previously issued single and multiple-entry Japanese visas will be invalidated.
The Japanese government on Friday has decided to invalidate visas issued in the Philippines prior to March 27, 2020. This visa suspension starts on Saturday, March 28, following the public health crisis posed by COVID-19. On their official Facebook page, the Philippine Embassy

"No More Issuance of Visas; Total Ban on Incoming Foreign Visitors," Says DFA

The Philippines is taking another measure to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.
As another measure to curb the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases in the country, the Philippines is officially halting the issuance of visas, along with a temporary ban on all foreigners from entering the country. The Department of Foreign Affairs' Secretary Teodoro Locsin

These Are the Exact Things You Need to Acquire a Multiple-Entry Schengen Visa!

Thanks to the updated Visa Code, the requirements are now clearer and more defined for visa applicants wishing to be granted multiple-entry.
Heads up, travelers! The stipulations for being granted a Schengen visa has now been made clearer.  An updated Visa Code was posted by the EU last February 2, where it introduced a specific set of rules and requirements applicants must attain if they’re

Oh No! South Korea's Jeju Island Is No Longer Visa-Free

They're imposing a temporary travel ban.
South Korea has suspended all visa-free entry to Jeju Island, barring Filipino tourists and 61 other foreign countries from easily entering the country without an approved visa.The new measure was placed in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak. “This temporary measure is

Here's What You Need to Know About "Show Money" for Visa Applications

Does your bank account balance really matter?
Applying for a visa to other countries can be a stressful experience. Since there is no shortcut to getting it approved, Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) President Ritchie Tuaño says the majority of the decision relies on one thing: your honesty."It's all

Good News: Processing Time for Korean Visa Applications Just Got Faster!

BRB, booking a flight to SoKor.
In April 2019, the Korean Embassy announced that visa processing will increase from three days (frequent travelers) and five days (first-time travelers) to seven working days (for both). The number of days just kept increasing, which is understandable given that everyone just wants to visit Korea—and

67 Visa-Free Destinations That Filipinos Can Visit in 2020

The Philippine passport improved its ranking for 2020, according to a report.
The Philippine passport is one notch more powerful this year, according to the recenty released 2020 Henley Passport Index.The Philippines is now at number 76, together with the country of Azerbaijan. This allow passport holders to visit 67 visa-free destinations, including:1. Brunei2. Cambodia3. Hong Kong

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a United States Tourist Visa

Been planning to visit the U.S.? We have tips on scoring that visa to the Land of the Free!
There are several reasons one might want to visit the United States of America: whether it’s visiting friends and family, seeing all the must-visit sights like the Statue of Liberty or the Grand Canyon, or people-watching in the city in the hopes

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Australian Visa

Get ready to journey to the Land Down Under!
While everyone has been planning their dream itineraries around Asia or Europe, there’s one country—nay, a continent—that you may not have considered yet: the Land Down Under. A unique place with outstanding natural sights, wildlife, and a bustling nightlife scene, Australia is

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Japanese Visa

Plan that trip to the Land of the Rising Sun soon!
Japan is on everyone’s bucket list of must-visit places, and it’s hardly a surprise as to why. Rich in culture, history, and scenery, the country is truly a sight to behold, offering surprises to its visitors with something for everyone. Whether you’re

Filipinos Will Pay More for Schengen Visas in February 2020

Filipinos will be subject to several changes in terms of Schengen visa application starting February 2, 2020.
Come February 2020, Filipinos will have to pay 80 euros for a Schengen visa, a 25 percent increase over the current 60 euros for a Schengen visa application. Visas for children will cost 40 euros, which are presently priced at 35 euros.The

South Korea May Grant Filipinos a 3-Day Visa-Free Stay in 2020

We're keeping our fingers crossed!
Traveling to South Korea visa-free is now proving to be a strong possibility. Yonhap News, a government-funded South Korean news agency, reports that a package of policy measures have been announced in an attempt to aid the dwindling economy of the country’s

The Philippines Might Be Pushing for a Visa-Free Entry to South Korea

It's not going to be that simple, though.
Keep your fingers crossed, travelers! There may be hopes of entering South Korea without going through the current long visa process. In an article by the Philippine News Agency, Philippine Ambassador to Korea Noe Albano Wong reveals that the push for Filipinos to