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What It's Like to Spend a Day at the Beach with Janine Gutierrez

Let's go behind the scenes of her Preview cover!
Janine Gutierrez carries herself with such effortless confidence that you’ll instantly want to make friends with her the moment she walks into a room. In this case, she’s also the perfect muse to hang out with at the beach. In this behind-the-scenes

5 Reasons to Visit the Beach in Batangas Where We Shot Our March Cover

Introducing your new fave summer spot.
Preview's March 2018 cover sees Janine Gutierrez frolicking in the picturesque, crystal-clear waters of Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas! This is one seaside pin you've got to see in the flesh. A new fave vacation spot on your list, perhaps? Below, we give you five