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5 Vintage-Themed Restaurants That Will Bring You Back to Old Manila

Nostalgia at its finest!
Picture this: strolling through brick walkways with your friends and family, then getting seated in dimly lit eateries, while appreciating old-fashioned decor. It would be a breath of fresh air to travel back in time and experience what Manila was like before modernity

10 Cool Windbreakers to Cop for a Vintage-Inspired Look

They're handy for the unpredictable weather!
A windbreaker, for those of you who might be confused, is a thin fabric jacket designed to protect you from light spells of rain or wind—hence the name. For the often unpredictable Manila weather, this lightweight, travel-friendly style is always a handy

Vintage Is the Next Big Thing in Fashion and Here's Why

Plus, where to get your hands on secondhand luxury items.
With increasing talks of climate change, sustainable food, and zero-waste lifestyles, it was only a matter of time before we reached the subject of fashion waste. The clothes we purchase and toss out account for 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions,

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Vintage Camera

Film cameras have a character that digital just can't replicate.
There’s something about vintage cameras that digital just can’t replicate. It has a character lost on the high-tech equipment of today. The wear-and-tear only adds value, and the older the camera, the more sought after it is.Film photography has been revived in

Billy Crawford's Mom Gave Coleen Garcia a Vintage Jacket

Here's how she wore it!
There’s something so special and storied about vintage pieces and secondhand treasures we find in thrift stores, and it’s even better when these pieces are passed on to us by someone special. ICYDK, Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford made a recent trip to

Vintage Shopping? These Are the Best Items You Should Be Looking for!

Check out these tips on how to score a good find.
While nothing beats shopping at H&M and Zara for convenience and the latest trends, there's something to be said about finding unique and one-of-a-kind items while thrift shopping. You really haven't lived if you haven't experienced scoring a good find, bargaining for

12 Vintage Venues in the Philippines for a Timeless Wedding

Whether they’re historic estates or vintage-style venues, go back in time for your special day!
When you think of weddings, you think of timeless affairs preserved forever in photographs. It’s no wonder, then, that we tend to look back to the old days when it comes to wedding themes! There’s just that notion about romantic love, the

This Store Lets You Own Unique Vintage Jewelry from Around the World

Giving jewelry a second life one Souvenir at a time.
Former magazine editor and freelance stylist Samantha Potenciano has always had a knack of putting pieces together to tell an interesting style story. So launching a store doesn’t come exactly as a surprise. We caught up with the newly-married content editor to

You Have to See Janine Gutierrez Wearing Pilita Corrales' Vintage Dress

We love timeless hand-me-downs!
When your grandmother is a world-famous singer like Pilita Corrales, then you inevitably have a closetful of gorgeous vintage frocks that's yours for the digging. Check out the stunning scarlet heirloom dress Janine Gutierrez swiped from her lola's old wardrobe!A closer look at

Shaira Luna Shares Her Favorite Vintage Pieces

The lenswoman shows off her hunting skills.
I've accumulated a whole floor of clothes racks from my years of ukay-ukay shopping, so I knew it would be a real challenge when Preview asked me to show my favorite finds. They are in no particular order, and these are things

Airline Couture At Its Finest

If all flight attendants looked like these, we would want the jobs for ourselves, too!
Nineteen-hour flights, noisy seatmates, lack of leg room, and semi-edible plane food are all components of a terrible flight experience. Good thing there are flight attendants equipped with helping hands and smiling faces to help make our travels better. But, as always,

Broke Girl's Guide To A Stylish Summer

Because a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
School’s out and so is your allowance. Your closet is stuffed with chunky knits, tights, and boots from last season's shopping spree, thanks to your impulsive shopping tendencies. Summer is now in full swing and as much as you'd like to max

Vintage Romantic Versus Seventies Sexy

Will it be Taylor's vintage romantic look or Naya's sexy seventies glamour?
The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards has allowed celebs to get loud and proud with their signature style. We gleam at the smashing looks of these stunners most especially the stars who paid homage to retro beauty: Glee's Naya Rivera and Taylor