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3 Useful Zoom Audio Hacks Everyone Should Know

Be the master of the mute function.
One of the most important apps for online classes and remote work is Zoom. From online hangouts with friends to online meetings, the app has become a vital part of our routine. But even though we've been using Zoom for quite a while

7 Free Video Editing Mobile Apps Perfect For Newbie Vloggers

Ready to start your vlogging journey?
Since the pandemic forced people to stay at home, many finally found the time to pursue their passion for content creation, particularly making videos. With the continuously developing technology, lots of aspiring content creators these days start out with filming—and even editing—by simply

10 Webcams That Will Take Your Video Call Game to the Next Level

Make your videos clearer and sharper!
Let’s be real: Your hours-long video call or laugh-out-loud e-numan could never replace the warmth or intimacy of a real, face-to-face interaction. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 cases in the Philippines still rising, the virtual hangouts will have to do for now. We suggest

This Is How a Photo Shoot Is Done in the New Normal

Physical distancing, check!
Photo shoots and the inspiring images produced have always been intrinsic to fashion publications. It’s no secret that it takes a village—photographer, stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, nail technician, model, various assistants—to make it all happen. But at a time when social

This News Reporter Did a Live Broadcast from Home Without His Pants On

He was completely unaware that everyone could see that he wasn't wearing pants.
With video conferences as the new norm, most of us have found a shortcut to looking presentable on camera, i.e. just putting on a decent blouse and leaving the rest as they were the moment you rolled out of bed. The lower

Facebook’s New Group Video Call Feature Can Have up to 50 People

You can also apply artificial intelligence-powered filters and AR filters while on a call!
Facebook officially launches "Messenger Rooms." In a livestream video, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg describes this feature as a "group video chat designed with social interactions in mind."This new roll out is part of Mark's video-focused plan for Facebook where he stresses the

5 Cute, Fun, Pants-Free Video Call OOTDs You Can Try Now

Look stellar from the waist up.
Whether you're Skype-ing with a dear friend you've missed or are anticipating a Zoom conference meeting for work, you'll want to polish up as perfectly as you do IRL. There's no need to be sloppy, even when stuck at home!Here, we've rounded

5 Easy Tricks to Looking Better in Video Calls

No makeup? No problem.
The beauty of working from home is that you don't actually need to do much to get ready. You can lounge around in your sweatpants all day and be just as productive as you are in a two-piece suit, and your boss

You Can Now Do Video Chat on Instagram

They're really rolling out the features, huh?
Big news: That LDR you're dreading might hurt a little less now that Instagram has rolled out its brand new video chat feature!Along with new camera effects and topic channels on the "Explore" tab for its Android and iOS apps, you can now