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These Fast Food Joints Now Have Plant-Based Burgers on the Menu

Calling all veggie lovers!
If we learned anything this year, it's to expect the unexpected. And in true 2020 fashion, we're being bestowed burgers that aren't made from meat. Sounds impossible? Not quite! In fact, a new, delicious plant-based fad is emerging! Fast food joints are

This Is Why I Will Never Eat Meat Again

FYI, it's not because I don't think bacon tastes good.
I wasn’t born a vegetarian. And no, not eating meat anymore doesn’t mean that I don’t think it tastes good either. I ate meat for 19 years straight, and I don't have the right to deny that bacon and fried chicken taste

9 Must Try Vegan-friendly Places In Manila

Looking for healthful options when eating out? Try these.
If, like Natalie Portman, you wear vegan leather shoes, then you must try these ten awesome places that don’t leave a bitter taste in your buds even if you’re mainly chewing on grass. Vegan girl's got taste!Veg mac and Cheese with corn

A Vegan Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is not all about just eating your veggies.
The International Vegetarian Week is celebrated from October 1 to 7 annually and we would like to join in by helping you find ways to live a vegetarian lifestyle through your fashion choices. How, you ask. By simply choosing to go with brands

Vegan Beauty

Celebrate World Vegetarian Day with our cruelty-free picks.
When it comes to the ugly side of beauty, animal-testing comprises a hefty component and remains at the forefront of every animal crusader’s mind. While most beauty companies continue to subscribe to this method, over the past few years, awareness has paved

The Green Mile

Reggie Aquino turns vegetarian for thirty days.
I've always been a carnivore. My ideal menu consists of corned beef for breakfast, grilled liempo for lunch and some lamb chops for dinner. So when I was assigned to try being vegetarian for a month, I did imagine myself turning a