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Where to Buy Makeup Organizers

Unleash your inner Marie Kondo.
Having a makeup organizer is the most convenient way to sort an abundance of products rather than having them plopped on your vanity, collecting dust. Plus, it saves you A LOT of time rummaging through your dresser and your bag for that

Does Being Selfie-Obsessed Make You a Narcissist?

Is it really based on the number of selfies you take?
The proof of narcissism, says a doom-saying sort of Internet wisdom, is in the number of selfies people take.But that’s not necessarily true, say psychologists.A narcissistic personality disorder is a psychological condition characterized by extreme self-love and self-regard—or as the 5th edition

The Other Uses Of Botox

Need a lift? There's more to Botox than just filling in those wrinkles.
Botox: the injectable toxin that some consider to be the fountain of youth. For the vain that knows no pain, it is but a mere wrinkle freezer that keeps your face (well?) intact in the fight against the clock. In fact, according