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5 Unisex Pieces from Local Brands You Need to Check Out

From jackets to beach towels!
In the era of gender inclusivity, fashion follows suit and takes progressive steps with the help of brands that transfer power to the wearer and achieve wider acceptance of everyone's preferences. While some may think that gender-neutral fashion is just a trend

7 Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Man

Boy meets girl.
Here's one way to save bathroom space (aside from, you know, showering together): curate a vanity table that's his-and-hers-friendly! After all, the couple that grooms together stays together. Below, seven unisex beauty products good for sharing:1. Close-Up Diamond AttractionIMAGE WatsonsBecause a brilliant

Zara Launches a New Ungendered Clothing Line

Gender-neutral clothing for all.
Introducing Zara's newest line under it's TRF label, Ungendered is a collection of basics described as genderless and all priced under $50. The move by the brand is considered to be progressive, marking their line as genderless rather than unisex and acknowledging

How To Wear The Tomboy Trend Without Looking Like A Boy

We show you how to pull off the unisex look without going overboard!
We’ve talked about the normcore trend, we’ve talked about unisex and genderless dressing, so why not help you create looks you can wear on any given day? Draw inspiration from the men’s department and incorporate it into your usual pieces and out

5 Fashion Pieces You Need Right Now

And we mean, right now. Let these micro trends creep into your daily must-haves.
Unisex dressing and normcore are some of the micro trends that we're absolutely loving right now. The thought of picking pieces that are clean, crisp, polished, yet comfortable makes us want to run to the nearest mall. We bid goodbye to some

Five Fragrances You Can Share With Your Man

Forget feminine perfumes and hop onto the unisex wagon.
Most girls I know delight in floral, fruity fragrances. A little rose here, some pink peppercorn there, and you’ve got a swoon-worthy concoction for the girl who loves to smell like a girl. While I’m a big fan of floral perfume housed