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We Finally Know the Secrets Behind Rabiya Mateo's Flawless Makeup

Her dark circle coverage trick is a must-try!
Some of the best makeup tips we know have been generously passed on to us by beauty queens. That's why when we got a chance to catch up with newly-crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo, asking her about all things makeup

How to Make Your Undereye Concealer Look Natural

Here's how to achieve the "no-concealer" concealer look.
No matter how much we love a bright undereye on a full-glam look, it's not the most natural-looking technique out there. So if you prefer for your concealer to look like skin rather than, well, concealer, you might need to approach its

Review: This Internet-Famous Concealer Instantly Fakes 8 Hours of Sleep

It's pretty powerful.
The Bye Bye Under Eye is It Cosmetics' best-selling and award-winning concealer. It claims to provide full, pigmented coverage that can conceal practically everything without cracking or creasing. It was co-developed by plastic surgeons, and it's infused with anti-aging ingredients such as

Here's How to Choose the Correct Shade of Undereye Concealer for You

Don't make it too obvious that you pulled an all-nighter!
When you have undereye troubles to cover, your concealer shouldn't just be good at, well, concealing. It has to come in the perfect shade, too, because the wrong color will only make your dark circles look worse than they are—and nobody wants

Rihanna Has a Genius Trick to Hide Dark Eye Bags

You have to see it to believe it!
Concealer is usually everyone's best bet for hiding a dark undereye situation, but not for Rihanna. The brains behind Fenty Beauty revealed that, instead of using concealer, she uses eyeshadow on her eye bags instead—and we think it's pretty genius!In a video with Vogue, the

How to Make Your Concealer Look Natural

Like you just had the best nap ever.
Putting on concealer over dark circles sounds simple enough—you swipe it on, blend it with a brush or your fingers, and you're done. But if you want your makeup work to be seamless, there's more to it than those basic steps. No

How to Prevent Your Concealer from Creasing

For that seamless finish.
Concealer is everyone's favorite beauty product until it starts emphasizing the very thing it's supposed to cover. It looks perfect when you first apply it, and then it settles into the lines on your face in a few hours. No bueno. But

14 Eye Masks That Will Depuff Your Tired Eyes

See the difference.
The price that your undereyes pay for pulling all-nighters is a given. That said, it doesn't mean you're doomed to look like a zombie the day after. Treat your eyes with a good eye cream and boost its benefits with our new

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Concealers

Here's what hid our skin secrets this year.
It's true that not all heroes wear capes, and one of them is the concealer. Temperamental skin motivated us to search high and low for the best concealers, leading us to several drugstore gems. In fact, we even found products that took

4 Ways to Improve Dark Undereye Circles (Without Makeup!)

Look fresh.
All you hardworking girls know better than anyone what a long, sleepless night can do. Hello, dark undereye circles! While there's no better cure than some good ol' R&R, there are ways to get rid of (or prevent) those dreaded, bruise-colored half-moons.

6 of the Best Color Correcting Undereye Concealers

Know which color your tired eyes need.
Dark circles are a tricky enemy. You can't just combat them with a typical skin-toned concealer. You have to attack the root cause of dullness by correcting the blues and purples. Because once you offset these colors, your regular concealer won't have