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I Tried the Viral "Perfect Lip" Hack from TikTok and Here Are the Results

Can a brow pencil and blush really give you the perfect lip shade?
Struggling to find the perfect lip combo to complete your look of the day? Well, this TikTok trend may just be your best bet!You’ve probably heard about TikToker Kenzie B (@yokenzieb), A.K.A. Mackenzie Burn, who's taking the platform by storm with her technique

5 Celebrities Reveal Their Tried-and-Tested Quarantine Dishes

Looking for a new recipe to try? These stars have some ideas.
Being in quarantine essentially turned everyone into bonafide chefs at home, and celebrities are no different! Our fave stars are turning to their own kitchen to sharpen their cooking skills or simply to recreate their favorite dishes. Fortunately for us, they gladly shared

How to Achieve That Soft, Blurred Lip Look in 2 Easy Steps

Speed up your lip routine!
A perfectly-lined pout is undeniably up there as one of the most popular makeup styles ever. It photographs well, makes your lips look plump and gorgeous, among many other selfie-appropriate benefits. The only downsides? It could take you quite a while to

The Best Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Good in Photos

Do it for the ‘gram.
Ever flip your camera to take a selfie and realize that your makeup doesn’t really look as cute as you thought? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Follow these Dos and Don’ts to make sure that you’re always selfie-ready no matter what the

How to Wear Nude Lipstick

Because there’s actually an art to pulling it off.
From Instagram selfies to the latest red carpet premieres, you basically can’t go a day without seeing a photo of someone pulling off an envy-worthy nude lip. But let’s face it: finding a good neutral that doesn’t make you look washed out

How to Wear Concealer Without Foundation

Because it’s always sexier when you can see a little more skin—even when it comes to your makeup.
Ahh, concealer. Depending on the way you apply it, this little product can either cover all your skinsecurities or highlight everything that you were trying to hide in the first place. For starters, brush up on your concealer know-how and reeducate yourself

Your Ultimate Guide to Wearing Blush

All you have to do is ask yourself these three questions.
Thanks to Instagram, having perfectly defined eyebrows and perfectly lined lips have become makeup techniques that practically every girl has mastered. But guess what? Blush is important, too! With this product, you can actually look younger, fresher, and even slimmer (if that’s

10 Fun, Unique Ways to Tie Your Sneaker Shoelaces

You have to watch this mesmerizing tutorial.
There's nothing wrong with wearing the exact same pair of sneakers every single day if that's your style—still, you've got to admit that mixing up a little something about your look once in a while is pretty satisfying. As a prelude to

An Easy Mascara Hack for Longer, Fuller Lashes

You can use ANY mascara to achieve this look!
I never leave the house without wearing mascara. I feel like my look is incomplete without it. Personally, I find that it gives that added flare to my face and makes my eyes pop! Wearing mascara can instantly change the game and

These Lipsticks Will Give You a Gradient Lip In One Swipe

Here's how they'll look on a Filipina.
The gradient lip wasn't always associated with K-beauty. It gave fuller-looking lips by using a darker lip liner under a lighter lipstick. The result? A natural ombré effect that gives poutier puckers. No overlining required!And to revive this OG makeup technique, Benefit Cosmetics launched

6 YouTube Channels for the Makeup Junkie

Binge on beauty.
Regardless of your beauty peg, there’s always something in YouTube’s extensive archive of videos to help you achieve that look.  While we’ve got a loyal subscription to our old favorites, adding to that list certainly doesn’t hurt either. Here are six of

How to Turn Your Desktop Icons into Emojis

Attention, Mac users.
Those generic blue folder icons might seem like an Apple cult classic. But sometimes, it actually ruins your desktop’s aesthetic. Why not give it a makeover?If you’re as obsessed with Emojis as we are, you’re gonna want to know how to get them

Surgery, The Korean Girl's Answer To A Large Forehead

An extreme solution for self-conscious fiveheads.
Korean vloggers find ways not to fit five fingers between their brows and hairline - a five-head.What to do when you have a large forehead? Lower your hairline.Jeff Sinclair, managing director for a hair restoration machine group, let Style Bible in on

Watch: 5-step Guide To Bold And Glamorous

Makeup and nails that are totally chic and party-ready? We'll show you how.
Be the belle of the ball with our 5-Step Guide to Bold and Glamorous makeup and nails. Watch how to get this party-ready look in five easy steps.

How To Get Anne Curtis' Vampy Look

Move over, Bella Swan. We have a new vampire in town.
Since we first heard about Anne Curtis venturing into Hollywood path, we’ve been so excited to find out more about her upcoming international film alongside American Horror Story star Alexander Dreymon. Finally, the long wait will soon be over as Blood Ransom

Bombshell Waves, Achieved!

Seductive, va-va-voom curls you can do by yourself, without the aid of magic or Photoshop. See our step-by-step tutorial.
Summer is considered to be the high time to flirt and flaunt—it’s the seasonwhen you show off your perfect pins and abs. But if you want a shortcut to being sexy sans dieting and exercise (we still recommend that, though), you can

Tickled Pink By Kris Aquino

Birthday girl Kris Aquino's signature look gets us ready for V-day.
Her fascination with hearts, the colors red and pink, and her positive outlook truly sums up Kris Aquino's qualities as the real deal Valentine's girl. The Queen of Media is also famous for her glowing skin, well-emphasized brows, and her signature statement

Naturally Kim

Steal Kim's barely-there beauty in minutes.
Free from frills, Kim Chiu looks amazingly beautiful on the Preview February 2014 cover with almost no makeup. Her naturally stunning oriental features were simply highlighted—nothing overdone, no exagerrated makeup tricks. Barely-there makeup looks great on every girl, and a big percentage of