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These Cute Tumblers Are Perfect for Minimalists and It's Only P299

You'll want to collect all colors!
We know your parents, friends, and the motivational posts on your IG feed already tell you this constantly, but don't forget to stay hydrated! It's a reminder that's never not relevant, especially now that it's summertime and dehydration is much more likely.

10 Monochromatic Tumblers for Your Minimalist Aesthetic

In case you prefer to keep it low-key.
Over the past decade or so, the use of non-disposable, travel-friendly drinkware has become more and more widespread. Sure, tumblers, travel mugs, and water bottles have been around for ages—most of us have been using them since preschool at least—but they’ve enjoyed

Starbucks' Colorful Line of New Tumblers Is Perfect for Nature Lovers

These vibrant drinkware will brighten your summer.
How do you usher in the fresh possibilities of summer, celebrate Women’s Month, and highlight the importance of nature all in one go? Simple: Get yourself Starbucks’ latest line of drinkware! The coffee giant partnered with designer fashion label 3.1 Phillip Lim to create

These Tiny Tumblers Can Actually Fit Inside Your Small Bags

They'll cost you less than P300!
Insulated tumblers have quickly become a life essential in our day and age thanks to the benefits they provide in minimizing plastic waste and keeping us hydrated all day with ice-cold water. We understand if sometimes they can be a bit of

Starbucks Just Released a "Bee Mine" Tumbler Collection for Valentine's Day

Buy one for your Valentine or, you know, for yourself!
Are you an avid collector of Starbucks' tumblers, mugs, and water bottles? Well, if you've already bought your picks from their newly-released Lunar New Year collection, which features the ox, you can add more to your growing collection because Starbucks has another merchandise

We Want Everything from Starbucks' Adorable Bunny-Themed Collection

So cute!
Starbucks’ recently released Siren & Sea Elements collection still has us pretty enchanted, TBH—but if you’re not into mermaids and the underwater world so much, then perhaps you’d be more interested on the coffee chain giant’s latest offerings featuring the beautiful night

You Can Personalize These Pastel Tumblers With Decals for Free

They're less than P900!
We know you can't get enough of pastel finds, so if you're looking to add more soft-hued items to your growing collection, then you're in luck because we stumbled upon a local tumbler brand that just released a brand-new pastel-themed collection that

Starbucks' New Collection Is Making Us Miss the Great Outdoors

We love its refreshing earthy colors!
Bored at home and can’t wait to finally step outside and enjoy the great outdoors? Frankly, given the global health crisis, it might take a while before we can schedule another adventure. But luckily, Starbucks Philippines released a new collection that might just remind

These Chic Tumblers Come in Soft Colors Perfect for Your Aesthetic

We can't take our eyes off that rose gold bottle!
Health and personal hygiene are big concerns on everyone's minds these days. We often talk about how one of the key factors to practicing proper hygiene is to constantly keep your hands clean. Similarly, when it comes to health, an indispensable element

8 Designer Tumblers and Bottle Holders You Can Drink From in Style

Stay hydrated.
As Mimiyuuuh's sage, sage advice goes: "Drink your water, b*tch." These uncertain times, plagued with widespread sickness and supply hoarders, are all the more reason for you to be smart about staying hydrated! To that end, quench your (literal) #thirst in style via