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8 Fashion Trends from the '80s That Are Cool Again

Here's how you can rock retro trends in 2018.
The '80s was a vibrant and bold decade that reminds us of all things glitzy and glam. As the colorful retro years come back to life, we're bound to see how designers are reimagining its iconic trends to fit today's fashion scene.

10 Stylish OOTDs That Are Making a Case for the Square-Toed Shoes Trend

Take style notes from Tricia Gosingtian, Marian Rivera, Anne Curtis, and more.
You can give your trusty ol' pointy pumps a break now, because no matter how timeless they are, there's no denying that a new shape's been taking over the style scene—enter the square toe! They were spotted on the Fall/Winter 2018 runways

7 Cringe-Worthy Trends That Are Actually Cool Now

Fashion goes 'round and 'round, after all!
Fashion, as we all know, is cyclical in nature. That said, we're also thankful that whatever trend that comes back around, returns more polished and more versatile to incorporate to your existing wardrobe. That means all the retro trends that once made

This Is How You Should Be Styling the Chunky Dad Sneaker

Pegs galore.
The past years have seen sneakers either sleek as they come or extra, well, extra. Minimalism's rise rendered kicks white and pristine, and then when Dior sent dazzling jeweled versions down its Spring 2014 haute couture runway, tastes shifted over to the

5 Fashion Trends You Can Wear to the Office This Summer

Look hot, work hard.
It's getting really hot in here, and that might mean an excuse to revamp your workwear wardrobe for the coming sun season. Take every chance you get! Below, we list down five wearable trends straight from the Spring/Summer 2018 runways you can