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Trends Stylish Women are Retiring This 2017

Out with the old and in with the new.
Fashion lives in a cyclical nature—meaning what goes around will come around in due time. This year was the very epitome of this point. With the return of the '90s grunge and the '80s colorful resurgence, new fashion now only means a

LOTD: This Is the New Outfit Combo We're Stealing from Kathryn Bernardo

You'll definitely want to cop her style!
Time to reassess your every misconception about the full suit, girls. Think it's stuffy? Uptight? Boring, even? Kathryn Bernardo says nope!Truth is, all you need to do is pick a short-but-sweet version (done up in the season's trendiest check pattern, natch) then

Here's Why the Visor Is the Unsung Hero of Headwear

Stay in the shade, ladies.
September has rolled around, signaling another shift in seasons—still, while patiently waiting for the bulk of new shows to roll around, we're reveling in one of the trickier trends Spring/Summer 2017 has thrown our way. Enter the visor!IMAGE VogueIf you'll let us,

This Is the Striped Shirt Trend You'll Be Wearing All Season

Ready for some roughhousing?
One look at Acne Studios' Fall/Winter 2017 campaign (starring LGBT couple Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony and their real-life family, no less!) and we fell for the rugby shirt. Or should we say it tackled us to the proverbial ground? Either way,

10 Essential Pieces to Hop on the Retro Sportswear Trend

Inject some retro flair into your athleisure wear.
With athleisure still on everyone's fashion radar, we reckon it's inevitable that it gives birth to another beloved trend: retro dressing. Pulling inspiration from the '80s and '90s colorful sporty look, we officially welcome the retro sportswear, a trend that makes tracksuits,

15 Cute Corduroy Pieces You Can Shop Right Now

The old-school fabric's back.
Corduroy, that ridged fabric worn by uniformed school girls and loved for daytime wear by the retro style stars of yore, has got a pretty modest reputation. Still, despite its uptight, buttoned-up nature and childhood teddy bear associations (remember?!), Fall 2017 has

11 Stylish Pieces in Red You Need in Your Closet Now

Talk about a power color!
Red will never really go out of style, but the passionate hue stormed Fall 2017's runways with such renewed fervor that we just had to do a double take. Wear scarlet in slinky, skintight permutations from Givenchy, Versace, and Prada; or, if

Are Belts the New Cool-Girl Staple?

Fashion food for thought.
Let's be real here: Belts never were for just keeping your pants up—at least not for the fashion kid. It's a truth more acknowledged now than ever before, and all we needed was a quick scroll through Instagram to confirm our suspicions.

10 Chic Ways to Style the Puffy Sleeve

The bigger, the better.
We dare declare that puffy sleeves are Spring/Summer 2017's answer to last year's off-shoulder craze, and so do the runways over at Gucci, Marques Almeida, Jacquemus, Rodarte, and Simone Rocha (among a hefty slew of others). Interestingly enough, even a look as distinct

3 Runway-Approved Ways to Look Taller

Extra inches, stat!
Not all of us were born with the rather elusive gift of height, but the Spring/Summer 2017 trend report is here to assure you that yes, there are ways to fake it 'til you make it. Below, three cheats the petite can

3 Trends From NYFW Spring/Summer 2017 That You Can Wear Now

Here’s what’s new on the runway.
The turn of the season calls for a vigilant eye for trends. This fall, we zoom in to the three most wearable trends we’re keeping tabs on at the ongoing New York Fashion Week. Check out the following trends that we like!DecolletageIMAGE