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10 Best Airports for Layovers

Don't waste your time just sitting around!
Traveling can be a little exhausting, and usually, airports aren't the most comfortable place to stay at if you have a connecting flight. But thankfully, there are some where you won't have to waste your precious time getting stuck at the terminal.

5 Annoying Things That Happen on a Plane

Like loudmouth seatmates. Ugh!
Taking a plane to travel is a convenient mode of transport that allows you to visit places that are far away. Though it’s convenient, it doesn’t mean that the entire ride is guaranteed to be comfortable and pleasant. Unfortunately, there are several

5 Travel Myths You Should Stop Believing

Forget about these misconceptions and get your travels in order.
Sometimes, we let hearsay and misconceptions get the better of us, hindering us from gaining a full experience. Sadly, this is especially evident with traveling. We’ve come to know things over the years from unsafe countries to jetlag that isn’t actually true.

RAJO’S BLOG: A Brand New Adventure Begins!

"Traveling is something I save up for and plan in advance."
Traveling is one of my only vices in life. It’s something that I save up for, plan in advance, and really gets my juices flowing. If traveling was actually free, perhaps you wouldn’t see me anymore. I took advantage of two long