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7 Best Places for Traveling Solo in 2020

From picturesque beach towns to adventure-filled exotic jungles.
Solo travel is rising. It was the biggest travel trend of last year, and it looks like it will carry on through to 2020. If you haven't traveled solo, then now is the time to take the plunge. The first step, of

10 Best Airports for Layovers

Don't waste your time just sitting around!
Traveling can be a little exhausting, and usually, airports aren't the most comfortable place to stay at if you have a connecting flight. But thankfully, there are some where you won't have to waste your precious time getting stuck at the terminal.

How to Survive Your First Solo Trip Abroad

The right apps, well-planned outfits, and a structured purse.
A solo trip can be a girl’s best adventure, and when you do it overseas, the chance to have a breathtaking experience of a lifetime just multiplies tenfold. However, you can’t afford being too impulsive or careless—or else, the whole prospect can