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8 Practical Tips to Know Before Visiting Hanoi

From scoring great accommodations to crossing the city’s infamous streets, here’s what you should know when traveling to Vietnam’s capital.
Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, is a great city to visit for many reasons. It’s only three and a half hours away by plane, so it’s perfect for long weekend trips. The food is tasty and colorful, its rich flavors complemented by fresh herbs,

10 Brilliant Hacks for Spending Less Money on Travel

Stylish explorer, Loralee Baron-Soong, explains how.
Traveling can be expensive when you don’t know how to make the most of your resources. By utilizing resources, we mean scouring deals, careful planning and a lot of thorough research. Having a dream vacation without having to spend a fortune is

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking a Cruise

Check out these tips you'd wish you knew before boarding that ship!
Last week, I found myself on a cruise ship for the first time ever. We sailed from Singapore to Port Klang, Malaysia—an hour away from Kuala Lumpur; then to Phuket, Thailand; and finally back to Singapore. To make things extra interesting, these

8 Tips to Help You Travel Green and Save Money

Minimize that carbon footprint!
It’s close to impossible to stay immobile for the habitual explorer. Traveling has become a way to rejuvenate, open ourselves up to great unknowns, and in some cases, procure a picturesque Instagram feed. While there are countless upsides to traveling, we should

What to Do If You Have 24 Hours in Taipei

Explore the city!
You've only got 24 hours to spare, and you find yourself in Taiwan. In which case, tour with co-founder and Managing Partner of The Moment Group, Eli Antonino, who gives you the lowdown on some of her favorite spots. Eli led the Din

Dominique Cojuangco Talks About What It's Like to Live in London

She even gave us some travel tips!
What others consider as a dream travel destination has easily become a home to Dominique Cojuangco while living in London to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. But even after she graduated, the capital of England remains the closest to her heart

12 Insider Travel Tips From Flight Attendants

The online check-in counter is there for a reason.
Want some travel advice? There's no one else who could give it to you better than a flight attendant! Below are some insider tips straight from flight attendants:1. Always, always bring a pen."If you are flying internationally, you have to fill out forms

You Have to Visit the Most Instagrammable Hotel in Phuket

It has marble counters, faux grass floors, black walls, and the works!
Social media has definitely changed the way we enjoy our travels. Because if the scenery doesn't look good in photos, why bother booking the flight, right? Not that there's nothing a filter on VSCO or selective editing on Snapseed won't fix, but

5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Here are a few ways to adjust your body clock.
One of the biggest struggles for frequent flyers (or any traveler who flies), especially those who travel to multiple time zones, is how to handle jet lag. It affects your internal body clock when you shift from one time zone to another,

This Fashion Editor Has a Brilliant Trick for Overpackers

Because it will make your life so much easier!
In this digital age, packing your wardrobe for a trip has become as equally important as booking the trip itself. As any fashion girl would attest to, deciding what to bring in order to nail that #OOTD can be particularly taxing. Well,

5 Reasons You Should Add Cambodia to Your Travel Bucket List

Temple run, anyone?
Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and recently Japan—these are the countries favored by Filipinos when in need of a quick getaway outside the Philippines, but within Asia. Airfare is more affordable (hello, promo fares!) because it only takes roughly two to four hours

4 Places to Visit in Shanghai

Old meets new in this bustling oriental city.
Shanghai is a city of contrasts, where towering skyscrapers mix with historical temples in a curious, melting pot of modernization and tradition. It’s a metropolis thriving with businesses – a place where the West meets the East in a fashionable display of

How to Take Travel Photos Like Anne Curtis

#Travelgram on fleek!
Ask us for a list of celebrity jetsetters and we’ll definitely answer Anne Curtis off the top of our heads. The national sweetheart frequently explores one beautiful destination after another, and every single time, she never fails to supply us with travel

7 Ways to Avoid Being an Annoying Tourist

Travel should break cultural barriers, not reinforce negative stereotypes.
Anybody who’s ever traveled, whether locally or abroad, has probably committed one of these travel sins. We’ve all been there. If, however, you’re traveling for the first time, keep these in mind when you decide to be away from home.1. Be polite.This

A Budget Traveler's Guide to Visiting The Maldives

Go tick that dream destination off your bucket list!
For most of us, the beach lovers especially, the Maldives is a dream travel destination. There’s just something so serene and incredibly alluring about its clear blue skies, crystal clear water, and fine white sand. But it’s also because of its known