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10 Solid Perfumes That Won't Spill Inside Your Bag

They're travel-friendly, too!
Imagine unzipping your bag to spritz on perfume, only to find that your signature scent's bottle had mysteriously uncapped itself and spilled. Whenever this sort of thing happens, we never really know what to cry over first: the loss of our perfume

Heart Evangelista's Travel Beauty Essentials

She'll inspire you to pack light!
Mastering the art of packing light is a must if you're a travel junkie like Heart Evangelista. It might seem difficult at first, but bringing only your essentials will help you in the long run (a.k.a. having more space to store your

5 Essential Skin Care Tips Every Travel Junkie Needs to Know

A jet setter has to be prepared!
While you probably cannot wait to stroll around the streets of your next travel destination, having dull and dry skin can easily dampen the spirits of your summer break. But before you let it get in the way of your trip, we're

Why You Should Dress Up and Dress Smart for a Flight

Adopt a sensible and powerful airport style.
The perpetual queues, the inexplicable humidity, and the unsavory amenities. Philippine airports have long been notorious as an inescapable Calvary for travelers, blunting albeit temporarily the excitement of basking in new cultures and indulging in sensory wonders in the safety of anonymity

How To Stay Hydrated On A Plane

And ward off dull skin, too.
When you’re flying over 30,000 feet above land, keeping pretty becomes somewhat of a chore. Between the stale cabin air and cramped seating in economy class, that long-haul flight wreaks havoc on the beauty-conscious mind. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few

Pocket Pals

Take a look at these purse-friendly beauty essentials for girls on-the-go.
Now that Philippine Fashion Week is upon us, editors and other attendees are already preparing outfits. Apart from #ootd planning, we’re also taking note of the beauty products we need that can still fit in our tiny purses. Although we’re tempted to