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This Brooklyn-Based Filipina Artist Will Convince You to Learn the Art of Weaving

Weave enthusiasts, heed her advice.
Meet Cynthia Alberto, a multi-hyphenate Filipina: an artist, weaving activist, teacher, and founder/director of the Brooklyn-based weaving studio, Weaving Hand. Her advocacy as a fiber artist "bridges traditional and contemporary weaving and draws inspiration from ancient communities of Europe, Asia, Latin America,

Here's Why You Should Be Mindful of the Indigenous Fabrics You Wear

Misappropriating centuries-old cultures can be a fine line we don't even notice.
In modern times, traditional textiles have found their way in the spotlight, at best, in exhibits or come Heritage Month and Buwan ng Wika. More recently though, these fabrics have found new life, stitched into today's fashion, and away from the glass frames

You've Never Seen Traditional Filipino Clothing Like This Before

We can't get enough of these!
Being raised in a highly-westernized country, it's not surprising that we view traditional clothing—say Barong Tagalog, Malong, or the Terno—as pieces never to be worn beyond formal events or as costumes. However, it's important that with a heritage as rich as ours,