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How to Incorporate Traditional Textiles Into Your Everyday Outfit

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Indigenous textiles have been spending some time under the spotlight and learning their maximum sartorial potential. We’re finding more and more ways to incorporate these garments into our highly-westernized wardrobe. In the last Habi fair, organized by Habi, the Philippine Textile Council,

Here's Why You Should Be Mindful of the Indigenous Fabrics You Wear

Misappropriating centuries-old cultures can be a fine line we don't even notice.
In modern times, traditional textiles have found their way in the spotlight, at best, in exhibits or come Heritage Month and Buwan ng Wika. More recently though, these fabrics have found new life, stitched into today's fashion, and away from the glass frames

11 Ifugao Symbols You Can Actually Wear

Here's what they mean.
With the resurgence of the use of traditional textiles in modern fashion, our natural interest in learning our rich culture ensues. It's not enough to choose pieces solely based on their aesthetic anymore. It also pays to know the meaning behind each