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21 Incredibly Sexy Camisoles

It's time to take them out of the comforts of your bedroom.
Those strappy, lacy, and silky undergarments that are gaining popularity outside of the room are called camisoles. Traditionally made out of satin, nylon, or cotton peppered with a bit of lace, this boudoir basic has now evolved into a wardrobe must-have. Why?

7 Office-ready Tops You Can Wear With Anything

Freshen up your daily garb with these summer florals.
Dress codes can be quite limiting sometimes, but that doesn't mean you always have to stick to your usual work blouses. And what better way to liven up your daily oufit than with these easy, breezy floral tops? Summer florals are in

The Five Iconic Fragrances

We list the top five iconic fragrances and their unforgettable advertising campaigns.
The perfume is an invisible accessory. Aside from clothing, a scent dictates the mood of the situation. Take for a example a woman wearing a simple white tee and blue jeans but when she moves, she leaves a remarkable sensual scent in

Cool Combos: Black And White

Get your dose of the black-and-white trend from our fab picks of the week.
A black-and-white ensemble is boring, you say? We completely disagree. If there are any two colors that anyone can wear, it would have to be, well, black and white. They’re classic, perennial, timeless, always tasteful, ageless, and contrasting yet complementing, and we

Trendspotting: Cropped Tops

Take cue from these ladies when it comes to showing off a little bit of skin!
There's a new kind of sexy that Manila's stylish ladies are subscribing to and it's a throwback to the '70s and '80s.  First they toyed with showing more through sheer fabrics. Now the girls are getting ahead of the game by showing