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7 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear a Top Knot

The higher, the better!
While a top knot is usually the look you'd wear on a lazy day, we say you can wear it whenever you're feeling a little extra, too! For proof, we rounded up a few celebrity-approved breezy updos you can sport when you

3 Hairstyles for Days When You Didn't Wash Your Hair

Freshen up those locks!
Skipping shampoo for a day or two is a great trick for maintaining healthy hair, but it can be quite a struggle given our humid climate. We're doomed to deal with an oily scalp on day two, give or take. Luckily, that's

Top Knot

The bun reaches greater heights in a crown sitting knot.
Fast and easy, buns are often the style of choice during days when you run out of time to groom in the mornings, when you feel the need to balance a fussy outfit or when those ever dreadful bad hair days come