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These Ink and Quill Eyeliners Are the New Beauty Must-Haves!

So cool.
Trust the Koreans to come up with the cutest packaging for various beauty products. Over at the Asian Beauty Reddit, user chocolatechoux recently shared photos of the upcoming Tony Moly Inked Cushion Liner.IMAGE Reddit/chocolatechouxWe’re seriously loving the old-school feel! Don’t these look like something

6 New Beauty Products to Check Out This Month

September brings us new things to play with!
Spending your hard earned money can be a bittersweet thing, which is why we're making sure you spend it on the right things (well, right beauty products, anyway). Every month we're bombarded with new releases and products, so to keep things simple

3 Things You Can Do to Shrink Your Pores

Featuring Korean beauty products.
Aside from dark undereye circles, unsightly armpits, and monster pimples, pore size is probably one of the things girls fret about most when they take a look in the mirror (especially if it's a magnifying one.) But, alas, pore size is inherited,

How To Get That Annekapal Mouth

Paint your pucker with the star's signature shade.
There’s no denying Anne’s appeal. If her numerous billboards on EDSA, TV appearances, and Instagram posts are any indication, we’re guessing the star loves painting on a red lip. And with lips like hers, it’s no wonder why she loves showing them

What To Pack For A Summer Rave

Enjoy bass drops and dance breaks without breaking your cool.
As Closeup’s Forever Summer and Summer Siren Festival draw near, all we can think about is enjoying some electronic dance music under the summer sun. From keeping the UV rays at bay to preventing makeup meltdowns, we run through our top products

Post-beach Tlc

After soaking up the sun, cool your skin down with these refreshing picks.
Okay, so we’ve schooled you on sunscreen application, the best sunscreens for the face, body, and sensitive areas, and even makeup with sunscreen. But after all that sun worshipping, you’re going to need something to help cool your skin down. Aside from

Top 10 Sunscreens For The Face

Don't leave home without your daily dose of SPF!
To those of you who think sunblock is just for the summer, think again! Damaging UVA (causes aging) and UVB (causes skin to burn) rays are present all year round and cause cumulative damage to unprotected skin. Meaning? You unwillingly destroy the

5 Caffeine-infused Products To Perk You Up This Morning

Because it's Monday, and it's hard to get up on a Monday.
I am not a morning person, so believe me when I say that I need at least one cup of java to jolt me into consciousness at 9am. After that, I’m a lean mean writing machine. But, as it turns out, I

Facebook For Your Face

We celebrate 10 stalker-friendly years by sporting the signature blue hue.
Happy 10th Birthday, Facebook! In honor of the creation of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media machine, we’ve decided to sport the ever popular Facebook blue on our lids and hair. And, don’t worry, we’ve left the ‘80s references back in that era, our

Best Of Beauty 2013: Eyes

Enhance your peepers with our 2013 staples.
The verdict is in and the eyes have it! While most girls think a red lip is all you need for a presentable face, we think otherwise. The eyes, though the smallest area of the face, are the windows to your soul.

Best Of Beauty 2013: Skincare

Throughout 2013 we kept reaching for these stellar skin savers.
Like many things in life, sometimes all you need is a solid foundation. When it comes to skin, this is where skincare comes in. With the proper products to nourish your skin, your makeup goes on smoother, acne flare-ups become a thing

Treat Your Tips

It's time to spoil your hands and feet with some extra TLC.
Your hands and feet are exposed to a different kind of stress. Built to withstand hours of walking, running, working, and lifting, it makes sense to pamper your hard working limbs every once in a while. This holds true especially during the