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Here's Why You Should Never Skip Toner In Your Skincare Routine

We asked a skincare chemist to tell us the real deal about it.
Toners are normally perceived as a product that one uses to kill pimples. As a result, most people tend to skip it—they believe that toners aren't necessary if there is not a zit in sight. They just assume that a facial wash

This Toner Rejuvenated My Dull Skin and Improved Its Overall Texture

Dullness? This can help you with that!
Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion has been chosen by the Preview team as the Best Toner product of 2019. This and 24 other products were reviewed by 25 real girls for this year's Preview Girls' Choice Awards to see if

10 Best Alcohol-Free Toners That Won't Dry Out Your Skin

Looking for a hydrating toner?
Toners deserve almost as much credit for hydrating our skin as moisturizer does. As the first step after cleansing, applying a toner actually helps prevent dehydration by rebalancing the skin's pH level and giving you your first layer of hydration. But to

7 Products With Glycolic Acid That Will Give You Glowing Skin

Brighter than ever.
Aiming for brighter, smoother skin? Then you might want to consider adding some glycolic acid into your beauty routine. This chemical exfoliant is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid or AHA, which exfoliates the top layer of your skin to even out its

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 Hydrating Toners

Step up your moisture game.
After revealing our glow-getting favorites and K-beauty picks, it's time to turn our attention to the realm of hydration. Below, we list ten toners for all your moisturizing, brightening and softening needs!IMAGE NarukoNARUKO Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Toner EX, P699, SM

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 Exfoliating Toners for Glowing Skin

AHAs and BHAs saved us this year.
Toners can be more powerful than you think. Other than balancing your skin's pH level, some toners contain exfoliating ingredients that'll help you achieve a clear, glowing complexion. These toners are often called acid toners, since they contain either Alpha- or Beta-Hydroxy

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 K-Beauty Toners

All toned and ready for that 10-step routine.
Thanks to the innovative formulas in K-beauty, toners are no longer a negligible step in most of our routines. Gone are the days when toners were full of alcohol and did nothing but dry our skin out. Now, toners improve how the

This Is the Best Toner for You Based on Your Skin Concern

Find what suits your skin type here!
Some girls think of toner as an optional skin care step or one worth skipping altogether, but we beg to disagree. There are loads of toners with ingredients that will actually do wonders for your skin! Just pick the right one and

5 Beauty Products You Might Be Using the Wrong Way

Make the most of your beauty arsenal.
Strikingly similar to grammar, the beauty world has its own set of common mistakes. Especially since product myths are everywhere online, there's a slight chance that you, too, are committing these blunders.Below are five possible products that you could be using the

An Alternative to the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine

It's perfect for the summer!
You asked, K-beauty answered. The famous 10-step routine now has a trimmed down version perfect for the summer! Introducing, the Seven Skin Method.Designed for combination/oily skin types, this method is extremely lightweight. It doesn't use any sticky creams or oils that make

5 Toners for Oily Skin That Really Work

Say goodbye to pimples and blackheads for good!
Toners are key in dislodging deep-seated dirt that your facial wash failed to remove. Women with oily skin most especially benefit from their pore-clearing abilities. Below, we shortlist the tried-and-tested toners that deliver flawless results every time.1. The organic choiceMade with pili

Ask An Editor: Benefits Of Using A Toner

We dish out the real deal on face toners.
Q: Is it really necessary to use toners?A: We have been taught during our teen years to always use a toner after washing our face. Toners are meant to remove deep-seated dirt and oil. Pores are also refined with a swipe of