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14 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mom

You have a drugstore in your bag.
Can’t seem to keep up with kids these days? The mom-genes are probably beginning to rub off on you from wearing those mom jeans.   1. You're becoming more and more forgetful.You suck at recalling dates and names. You've found yourself saying "What's

The 20 Times Preview Magazine Predicted the Future

From the laugh-out-loud to the purely iconic.
While flipping through the 1995-2004 archives for Preview’s 20th anniversary, we discovered a bunch of pages that seemed very now. There was a travel editorial where the editors photographed products (and models!) from top view. (#flatlay) Some epic group shots. (#squadgoals) And

Free Accessory With The Titas of Manila Book!

Hold on to your pashminas.
This Saturday, your favorite Pinoy parody Twitter account is becoming a book. Entitled “Life According to Tita,” a compilation of tweets that will bring back memories of your own titas asking about your weight and asking about your boyfriend (as nonexistent as

How To Babysit That Girly Girl

8 things to do with your minion-in-the-making.
via Getty ImagesTitas of Manila, lend me your ears. As the weekend approaches and parental couplings are yearning for an hour or two together, you’ve most likely been asked more than once to babysit a little girly girl. If you find yourself

How To Become The Chicest Tita In Manila

Retire your trusty Longchamp for a Goyard. And oh, be like La Greta.
There are three musts in order to become a certified member of the Tita’s of Manila club: First, you must be somewhere in your midlife or senior years (if not, just act as if you were.) Second, you must carry a Longchamp