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#tiptuesday: Chipped Nails No More

All it takes is a bottle and a swipe.
Too busy with work that you barely have time to pamper yourself? Then join the club! No one said it was easy to look perfect, but you can always decieve everyone with quick fixes. We don't expect you to have all the

Keep Your Falsies On

And get through the night without batting an eyelash.
Falsies are a beautiful thing. Not only do they make your eyes look bigger, but the fluttery additions give that extra boost of confidence that nothing else can. The only problem? As the night (or day, hey, we don’t judge) wears on,

#tiptuesday: Don't Store Makeup In Your Bathroom

Why not? Click to read on!
Okay, I bet a few of you guys are guilty of this. Who keeps their makeup and skincare products in the bathroom? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand because I’m in this with you, girls!You know how labels keep asking to

#tiptuesday: Get A Closer Shave

Get your legs ready for bikini season with this nifty tidbit.
I’m all for quick fixes, which is why I think the razor is a God-sent. In just under three minutes, you go from hairy beast to the smoothest kid in town. So for this week’s edition of #TipTuesday, before you get started

#tiptuesday: Wineproof Puckers

Locked and loaded pouts even after a round of drinks
If you haven't grabbed a copy yet of Preview's March issue with Kim Jones on the cover, let me just run you through the magazine's transformation: clean and hip typography, streamlined layouts, and levelled up, curated content. Of course, I wouldn't forget

#tiptuesday: Thicker And Longer Lashes, Stat

Kim K lashes without lash extensions involved, we promise!
Luscious, flirty lashes just like Kim Kardashian's are one of the reasons why we always reach for mascaras. Our mascaras have been our ultimate companion in owning a fuller set of lashes, and there is absolutely an abundance of lash-enhancing wands everywhere

#tiptuesday: Glow Like A Pro

Glow-getting moves that are as easy as A-B-C.
We've been talking about highlighters since the Victoria's Secret Angels divulged their glowing secret. The common code is to brush the gleaming powder on the high points of your face, but where exactly are those areas? Simply draw a letter 'G' on