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11 Trends From 2000s That Are Cool Again In 2019

Which past trends are you loving again?
The early 2000s is full of nostalgic fashion trends that can be a fount of current style inspos now. With fashion's cyclical pattern, your OOTDs then are now worth more than just throwback Insta-posts. What were once cringe-worthy pieces you wore, have now

LOTD: This Look by Kelsey Merritt Is the Definition of '70s Dream

Sure, you can jump on into the tinted glasses trend, but your #lewk wouldn't be complete without the outfit! You've got to commit, girl.That said, let Kelsey Merrit provide you with a simple-yet-stylish solution: striped button-down, faded, oversized denim jacket, and middle-parted

10 Candy-Hued Sunglasses You Can Still Wear at Night

This colorful '70s trend is so back!
Long after iconic French songstress Edith Piaf warbled the original La Vie En Rose, you can still see life through rose-colored glasses—like, literally. The lightly-tinted, candy-hued sunnies of every festival-frolicking '70s dream are back, and you can forget any connotations of sleaze, please.