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8 Cute, Casual OOTDs We Love from Gen Z Star Rain Matienzo

This TikTok star-turned-actress is your next style peg!
Best known for her relatable skits and down-to-earth charm, Rain Matienzo has become a fixture on our TikTok for-you-pages. From being the "conyo girl" to the "trophy wife", the 20-year-old content creator never fails to make us adore her. Currently, she's expanding

5 Easy and Fun Ways to Wear More Color, As Seen on Kim Chiu

Take notes from her TikToks!
There’s something about a touch of color that just makes one’s outfit stand out. Just take a look at Kim Chiu's IG photos and TikTok videos! The 31-year-old star is no stranger to a bright and striking outfit. She loves mixing bright colors

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Sultry Cut-Out Tops at Home

Watch these tutorials to create your own subversive basics!
You've probably seen outfits with quirky cut outs, sheer layered fabrics, and unconventional silhouettes all over Instagram and TikTok. It's all thanks to designers like Mugler, Hyein Seo, Dion Lee, and Heliot Emil, who had these key elements in their most recent collections.Now,

8 Clever Fashion Hacks from TikTok That Actually Work

These TikTok tutorials might just change the way you get dressed.
Time is extremely valuable, and most of us want to get things done in the easiest and simplest way possible—including dressing up. Now, if you want to learn time-saving hacks or instant solutions in the event of a clothing malfunction, then TikTok

This 23-Year-Old Filipina Designer Is Making Waves on TikTok with Cool DIY Content

Ysabel Hilado loves upcycling old clothes and making new ones from scrap fabric!
If you’re one to stay on Tiktok for hours and watch fashion videos, you'd definitely want to hit check out Ysabel Hilado's content. Since starting on the platform, the Filipino-American designer has racked up more than 116,000 followers and 2.2 million likes, impressing

This Is Where That "Outfit Check" TikTok Trend Really Came From

#BamaRushTok is finally in the Philippines.
In the middle of a workday last week, I found myself scrolling through Twitter as per usual (partly because I was looking for leads to write about, and also, well, never mind—who needs a valid reason for scrolling through the bird app

All the Ways to Tuck in Your Shirt, According to TikTok

Try out these non-basic ways to style your shirt!
T-shirts are definitely staples in our closets. As much as we love constantly wearing them, it could get repetitive (and boring) at times. Finding ways to switch up our outfits can be quite a challenge, so styling inspo and tips are something

This 68-Year-Old TikTok Content Creator Will Inspire You to Dress Up

Meet TikTok's stylish grandpa, Dada Tabuzo.
The fashion community on TikTok is filled with thousands of videos of women doing outfit transitions and sharing clothing hacks. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when we stumbled upon 68-year-old Dada Tabuzo who has been going viral on TikTok for his

Jewelry Hacks From TikTok That Will Change Your Life

These can really make your life easier.
TikTok is no stranger to offering unique hacks to help us make our lives a little bit easier, and this applies to fashion, too. Wearing jewelry and accessorizing is part of putting a look together, but it can be a struggle to

Crocs Is Cool Again and It's All Thanks to Tiktok

A ghost from the 2010s is making a comeback.
Last year, Filipinos looked at Crocs the way the Western world has condemned it: the most "uncool" shoes no one would ever want to be caught dead wearing it. As far as fashion was concerned, Crocs has long been a thing of the past. And

7 DIY Tiktok Hacks to Try When Wearing Jeans

These DIY adjustments can instantly solve your jean problem.
If we were to list down this generation’s favorite pastimes, it would probably include watching Tiktoks. From learning trendy dance moves to finding some new recipes, Tiktok’s definitely got a diverse range of content suited for anyone. And to all fashionistas out

This Tiktok DIY Star Transforms Handbags Into Stunning New Outfits

Nava Rose will make your jaw drop with all her creations!
Thrift flipping has been an emerging trend on Tiktok, but no one does it better like Preview cover star Nava Rose. The 29-year-old Filipino content creator has even caught the eye of Vogue editors with her sewing skills as she made outfits out