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These Are the Best Places to Go Thrift Shopping in Paris

Score cool vintage finds in the City of Lights.
Fact: That Parisian je ne sais quoi, that singular undone chic French women do so, so well, is impossibly elusive. Know that to get on their level, the answer isn't piling on the luxury fact, it's the total opposite. Paris-born influencer Regina

The 5 Best Ukay-Ukay Shopping Spots in Baguio

Know where to score the best deals from this thrift-shopping capital.
A popular local summer destination, Baguio city actually has a lot to offer in the shopping department other than scenic greenery and historical landmarks, sweet delicacies, and covetable cold weather.  Over the years, the city has grown to become an ukay-ukay mecca

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Shopping at the Ukay-Ukay

Fed Pua dishes on what he loves most about thrift shopping.
What do Rachel Zoe, Sophia Amoruso, and Shaira Luna have in common? A deep affection for vintage shopping. And if their statement-making style isn’t enough reason for you to visit the nearest thrift shop, then we’ll give you more reasons why.Preview sat

Shaira Luna Takes Us Thrift Shopping in Tagaytay

And spills all her secrets!
It isn't new news that most of the clothes I wear and use to style my personal shoots come from ukay-ukay shopping. It's a passion that I love to talk about, when asked! Actually, there are three questions I often get about

A Quick Guide To Ukay-ukay Shopping

Here's all you need for a flawless thrift shopping experience.
Inspired by our recent ukay-ukay challenge, we’ve come up with an easy guide to make sure your ukay shopping will be a success. Not all of us are born good bargain-hunters, but if you’re attempting to conquer this feat, might as well

The 500-peso Ukay-ukay Staff Challenge

Who bought the most items and stayed within budget? Place your bets now!
Nothing's impossible for a girl who was born to shop. Multiply that by four and you'll have us! If there is one thing we can do anytime, anywhere, it would have to be shopping our hearts out; so give us a challenge like