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How to Style Fine Hair to Make It Look Fuller and Thicker

Don't settle for flat, lifeless hair.
As Asians, we normally have straight, fine hair—but there are still some who can’t escape the genetic code of having fewer follicles on our heads. While most of us can get away with wearing our thin, fine hair down, this also means

19 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do with Thin Hair

Okay, we’re taking all our hair cues from Brie Larson from now on.
Feel like you don’t have too many hair options because of your thin strands or lack of volume? Whether you’re just hitting the gym or enjoying a glam night out, Brie Larson—all-around cool girl and Marvel’s newest superhero—proves that it’s totally easy

13 Things Girls with Really Fine Hair Will Understand

Every strand counts!
The struggle of having fine hair is so real, it could give Rapunzel a heart attack. If you’re blessed with hair as strong as rope, then congrats, you are one those lucky ladies who can just about do whatever they please with