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Post-beach Tlc

After soaking up the sun, cool your skin down with these refreshing picks.
Okay, so we’ve schooled you on sunscreen application, the best sunscreens for the face, body, and sensitive areas, and even makeup with sunscreen. But after all that sun worshipping, you’re going to need something to help cool your skin down. Aside from

Weekend Must-try: Pevonia Tropical Rejuvenation

Emerge silky-smooth after this relaxing spa experience.
After a long week of writing articles and late nights, I signed myself up for a relaxing appointment at The Spa. Not knowing what to expect, I opted for Pevonia’s Tropical Rejuvenation, a body scrub coupled with a soothing yogurt mask.The session

The Spa Fountain Of Youth Package

Style Bible's Nikki Santiago checks out The Spa's latest anti-ageing treatment.
TREATMENT: Fountain of Youth Package at The SpaDURATION: About 2.5 hoursWhat is it? The Fountain of Youth Package is an anti-ageing treatment made up of two parts: the Age Defense Treatment (facial) and the Toning Bamboo Revival (scrub and massage). It promises “refreshed

New Salon And Spa Openings

The Metro's newest beauty hubs to visit and to try.
With the new year a mere few weeks away, we all can't help but plan that big beauty change that will kick start our 2011. Whether this be going a few shades lighter, a few inches shorter or standing a few pounds

Bridal Beauty Checklist

Start prepping for the big day early with this beauty calendar.
With floral arrangements, guestlists, and dinner menus constantly clouding your thoughts 24/7, its easy to turn into a crazy bridezilla. But as the countdown to your wedding continues, it's also easy to forget to fulfill the basic beauty needs that will mask

Intraceuticals Infusion

Testing out the latest celebrity craze now available at The Spa.
Everybody loves a good celebrity beauty secret. Nicole Kidman swears by dipping her flaming hair into cranberry juice to preserve the color; Julia Roberts braves using a safety pin to separate her lashes when applying mascara; and Cindy Crawford mixes her own