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6 Must-Watch K-Dramas with the Most Shocking Plot Twists

You'll never guess how these dramas will end.
Have you ever watched a K-drama so thrilling that you end up stabbing the air with an imaginary knife? Some series have the power to change you into a different character after you watch them, and most of the time they're under

10 Things You Need to Know About "The Penthouse" Actress Eugene

Did you know? She nearly turned down her iconic role in the series.
If you’re a fan of thrilling and suspenseful K-Dramas, then chances are you’ve already heard of the buzz-worthy series The Penthouse: War in Life. You might have even caught wind of the show’s breakout star, Eugene. Although she’s now most recognizable for

10 Best K-Dramas of 2020 That Won't Waste Your Time

These dramas will keep you glued to your screens from start to finish.
Here's a fact: 2020 is a big year for Korean dramas. With everyone holed up at home due to the quarantine, the Hallyu fever has undoubtedly reached an all-time high, attracting both new and old fans alike to consume every K-drama content