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Swiss Miss Ice Cream Exists and We're Already Craving

You can now get the chocolatey marshmallow drink in ice cream form!
Hot chocolate lovers, our favorite marshmallow-infused drink is getting a makeover! Yep, Swiss Miss has partnered up with ice cream brand The Lost Bread for a sweet and creamy concoction, and we’re all ready to order a pint or two.Officially named the

11 Best and Must-Have Lifestyle Products for Summer

From a coffee maker to an air purifier, and so much more!
Summer’s not over yet, and with most of us continuing to spend the season indoors, it’s only natural to want to spruce up our home experience with cool yet practical items we can easily shop. Which is why for this year’s Preview

Buffalo Wings-Flavored Ice Cream Exists, and Here's Where You Can Buy It

Adding this to the list of things we didn't know we needed in our lives.
Unusual ice cream flavors are nothing new to us. Over the years, we've discovered soft-serve versions of Yakult, Indomie, Haw Haw, Chocnut, and even milk tea, but the latest one we spotted will blow your mind (and quite possibly your tastebuds). Introducing:

The Lost Bread's New Sweet Corn Ice Cream Is Coming Soon

Plus, your orders will help those affected by Typhoon Ulysses.
Typhoon Ulysses was no ordinary typhoon, triggering massive flooding in some areas and leaving many with destroyed homes (not to mention, taking a number of lives). Among the areas that especially took a hit is Cagayan Valley, and in honor of the

Hey '90s Kids, This Ice Cream Has Iced Gem Biscuits!

It has sprinkles and marshmallows, too.
As a delicious reminder of our childhood days, The Lost Bread released its famous Choc Nut, Haw Haw, and Blue Vanilla ice cream in pints so we can enjoy it at the comforts of our own home. Another item that's sure to bring

The Lost Bread Now Has Root Beer-Flavored Ice Cream and We Can't Wait to Try

It's even topped with chocolate syrup!
The Lost Bread’s at it again! Appealing to our nostalgic taste buds, the ice cream parlor’s consistently transforming our favorite childhood treats into delectable desserts. This time around, they’re taking the classic Mug Root Beer drink for a spin, turning it into a soft-serve

You Have to Try This Chuckie-Flavored Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Plus, all the other things you can do this week around the metro!
Spice up your life with this week's Preview Finder and check out all the exciting things you can do around the metro!It looks like The Lost Bread’s gearing up their customers for a nostalgic holiday season. In continuation of their collaboration series, they’ve now

This Butter Ball-Flavored Ice Cream Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

It'll be available starting October 15!
The Lost Bread is on a roll with their '90s candy-flavored offerings. You've heard of their Chocnut and Haw Haw soft-serves, now get ready for butter ball ice cream! Collaborating with Peter's Butter Ball Candy itself, the dessert shop hopes to remind you of the

This Choc Nut Ice Cream Will Relive Your Childhood's Happy Memories

It's available this June for a limited time only!
We may have entered the rainy season, but the summer heat’s clearly outdoing its stay. Cool off by kickin’ it old school with Choc Nut as the famous candy bar partners up with The Lost Bread to bring us the soft-served, Choc Nut-flavored

3 Instagrammable Pink Drinks That Your Sweet Tooth Will Love

From milkshakes to daquiris!
Rose quartz has already invaded our closets and makeup kits enough, so maybe we should make room for it somewhere else—our bellies. Below are three pretty drinks that will tickle your sweet tooth's fancy and give your Instagram feed the pop of


Happy hour now means it's time for dessert.
Majority of women have a serious case of the sweet tooth and that is a fact. And while we can always take on a zero-degree beer or whiskey on-the-rocks if we wanted to, who’s to say that a good old “girly” cosmopolitan