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Here's How Much It Costs to Stay at The Farm at San Benito

Here's why it's the celebs' go-to destination right now.
Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon The Farm at San Benito a couple of times by now—most likely from the posts of your favorite local celebrities and influencers. ICYMI, The Farm at San Benito is every celeb’s go-to vacay destination right now! The

5 Stylish Celebrities We Recently Spotted at The Farm at San Benito

Fashion and health definitely go hand-in-hand for these actresses!
Given the stress, both mentally and physically, brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like our local celebs opted for a short retreat away from the city and headed to popular wellness center The Farm at San Benito. The health and

6 Staycation Spots with Cell Signal

Go on leave without feeling guilty.
Being a hard worker is always an asset. Submitting quality output on time and beating the clock when it comes to your deliverables merit its own rewards. In fact, even without your boss’ affirmation, knowing that you have given a project your

How to Detox and Give Your Body a Fresh Start

Treat yo self.
One of the values ingrained in Filipino culture is respect. We were taught that in order to earn respect, it must be given. At a young age, we see this materialize in how we punctuate every sentence with a po and opo or give